March Favourites – Children Edition

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter holidays, what a cracking day we’ve had in Devon today the sun has shone all day and it puts me in the best mood.

Here are some of the products, toys, foods the children have been loving during March.

I have always loved divided plates I find they are super useful if your child is a fussy eater and doesn’t like foods to mix. I love these Munchkin apple shaped plates as they are the perfect size for lunches, dinners and snacks, both Amelie and Charlie love eating from these plates. I really rate Munchkin, the cups are fantastic and the quality is great too.

Charlie has been scoffing these Kiddylicious banana wafers, they are the right size for a quick snack and keep Charlie entertained whilst I’m doing the food shop. They aren’t just for babies and are ideal to pop in the changing bag when out and about.

My children have always been fans we even went to a Play-Doh crafty class when we visited Butlins Just for Tots week last year. They were in their element playing with the vast amount of Play-Doh and accessories. It keeps them busy for at least 45 to an hour. I’m not too fussed about mixing colours as it all ends up in a big brown blob anyway. Amelie received these fab gifts for her birthday and hasn’t stopped playing with them since although I think we need some new pots of Play-Doh as what she has is getting a bit dry and crumbly – not good for my cream carpet. She also has the Rainbow Dash hair salon set which is really fun.

We love crafts in our house and I think it is such a fun activity for the children to do, they get to make a mess, be creative, use their imagination and just have fun. Some of the creations they come up with are hilarious but I’m one of those mums who keeps everything the children make. I have a big box of their art work that regularly gets topped up in the loft, I put their name on it as well as the date and how old they were when they made it. I’m so sad I know but I think it will be funny for them to look back on when they are older (I’m a hoarder).

I picked up this craft box from Home Bargains I think it was around £2.50, it was jam packed with lots of goodies so really good value for money. I have topped it up with other bits and bobs as my two tend to go a bit over kill on the googly eyes and sequins. Amelie and Charlie are obsessed with writing, drawing and crafting at the minute which is really lovely to see.

Charlie was given this Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Dino for his first birthday from my mum. As you can see 2 years later it is still in good condition and he still loves it so much. When we go to playgroup this is the first thing he will gravitate towards, he loves scooting around in it pretending he is a taxi. At home he likes to play car washes with a big bucket of water, some soap and a sponge he spends ages cleaning it and playing. We also have the Pirate Ship water table which was another birthday present last year, both kiddies have gotten use out of it and just the other day I put some mouldable foam in there for them to play with, they had a great time and it washed straight out.

I can’t post a favourites without mentioning Vosene Kids shampoo, I’m still obsessed with the stuff! The amount of comments I get from friends and even strangers on the condition of Amelie’s hair is crazy. We tried out the fruity goodness shampoo and were not disappointed, it left Amelie’s hair super clean, shiny and smelling amazing. I love how it doesn’t dry out her hair, eliminates tangles and doesn’t make it greasy. I really want to try the new Afterswim Body Wash & Shampoo as we are going on holiday soon and I don’t want her hair to get matted after coming out of the swimming pool or the sea. If any of you have tried this, let me know if it is any good.

Well, that’s it for another month, have a super April/Easter!


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