Meal Plan #3 Lean in 15


So, I’m back with another meal plan this week. Since our mini break last week I have been so good with my food choices and have not had one single bit of chocolate or one biscuit. I feel loads better for it. Don’t be fooled though, as soon as December 1st hits, I’ll be stuffing my face with mince pies, Celebrations and every other naughty treat on offer. But for now it is about healthy balanced choices.

Monday: Kale, Chorizo & Steak

Tuesday: Cheesy Chicken, Chorizo – I think this has to be my favourite Lean in 15 meal

Wednesday: Sweet Chilli Turkey Burgers (from Asda) & Salad

Thursday: Tuna/Mayo Jacket Potatoes with Salad

Friday: Spicy Chicken Breast & Salad

For our weekend eats, I’ll be making Joe Wick’s Chicken & Leak Pie – yummy!

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