Microblading – My Experience

I have always had a good shaped brow, unfortunately I got sucked into the over plucked pencil thin 90s look and they have never quite been the same. Nothing too drastic just the usual needing to pencil certain bits back in and tint them for a half decent look.

I had heard the term “Microblading” thrown around a bit within the last couple of years and had wanted to try it but as with all these beauty fads I was extremely cautious – you never know what is going to happen.

As luck would have it I won a competition with a local salon for a discounted procedure – Microblading. I was extremely excited so headed to my consultation appointment with Sacha Semi-Permanent Makeup . Sacha was absolutely lovely and put me at ease straight away explaining the ins and outs of the procedure. I had a small patch test behind my ear and booked in for 3 weeks time.


I’m not going to lie, I was so anxious and worried about the outcome I nearly cancelled my appointment. Of course I did what anyone would do and googled the horror stories about microblading as well as checking out lots of posts on Instagram. 99% of them were positive but you hang on to that one percent and let all kinds of thoughts race through your mind, this is after all a beauty procedure on your face!

These photos are of my eyebrows au natural, as you can see they are quite fair and sparse.

I headed to my appointment where I had to pop a hairnet on (sexy), next was the design. I went through various stages of looking in the mirror and asked my opinion on how I wanted the shape of my eyebrows to look, again Sacha was amazing constantly checking everything was okay and I was happy, giving suggestions and really listening to what I wanted. Once I had settled on a shape I was given some numbing cream which took 20 minutes to work, during this time I relaxed with a magazine. Next was choosing the colour, this was the bit I was most nervous about. I had visions of thick black eyebrows that would look like I’ve just drawn them on with a sharpie. But I was assured the colour would fade and if I was comfortable with my decision to go with a darker shade, which during the long run would work out better for me as they will last longer. I did decide on the darker shade as I usually tint my own brows using a black dye which fades within days to a much more natural shade so I was happy to go ahead.


I have to say, I was expecting a big tattoo machine to come out with a huge needle. But it was a small instrument kind of like a scalpel and no big scary noisy machine. Now for the fun bit, up until this point my main focus was on what my eyebrows were going to look like and not how much it would hurt. As always I like to give you my honest opinion but remember everyone’s pain threshold is different, usually I can handle pain pretty well but I think as it was time of the month (sorry tmi) my pain threshold was no existent. Oh my days, it hurt – it hurt A LOT! Not at first but as the procedure went on the pain got worse, haha.

There was a scratching sensation as the microblading was being done and then extra colour goes on in a layer for a couple of minutes whilst the other brow is being microbladed. This is a really stingy sensation but it goes away once the colour has been wiped off, don’t let this description put you off though as it really was not as bad as you think, it didn’t last that long and the results speak for themselves.

Once this had been done I was to look in the mirror, it looked like I just had eyebrow tint on them in terms of the colour. I was given after care instructions and some cream.


You cannot get your brows wet or sweaty for around 7 – 10 days which makes showering, washing your hair, cooking dinner (using the oven) and exercising pretty tricky but I will work around that, oh and you cannot touch them. I will have to apply cream to them every morning/evening until they are healed.

During the next 2 weeks my brows will scab and start to heal, the colour will fade and I will have to return to the salon in 6 weeks for a top-up appointment. I am going to document my journey as I think it will be interesting for me to look back on and also maybe give some people that insight into the healing process of microblading.


After I had my brows microbladed yesterday they were a bit sore/stingy but I wasn’t in any discomfort. I did sleep on my back last night though as I was afraid I would irritate them and make them sore.

When I woke up this morning I was a bit shocked, worried and had a wobble to be totally honest. They are very very dark and thick – not what I am used to at all. Looking back at photos from after the procedure I think they look bigger today. But this is the process and I know they will not be this way forever it is all part of the healing journey. I do have a slight feeling of regret but only because they are so dark and thick. I have been reassured and have had lots of lovely compliments and messages from people saying how good they look/will look, so I am remaining positive that they will look completely different in a couple of weeks time.

I am very intrigued to go through the healing process, I think it will be really interesting to watch and look back on, I’m really excited to share the end results. I think the hardest thing for me will be not washing my hair or putting my fake tan on, so I will be in hiding for the next 2 weeks!!

If you are local to Somerset (Taunton/Wellington area) check out Sacha on Facebook and Instagram as she is such a super lady. You can tell she absolutely loves her job as she takes pride in everything she does, she listens to you, advises where necessary and is an expert – attention to detail is second to none.

I will be back with an update next week, but will be sharing various bits and bobs over on Instagram. I would love to hear from anyone who has undergone microblading before.


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