Microblading – The Healing Process

As I mentioned in my previous microblading post I had planned to document the healing process. Here are the days that followed.


I couldn’t wait to look in the mirror this morning, not really sure what I was expecting to see but nothing had changed. My brows were still looking very dark and thick, but I wasn’t as shocked when I saw them I think I’m just getting used to how they look. Being completely honest I’m struggling with how they look and I know I have to be patient but I just hate them.

I did manage to have a lovely shower this morning without getting my face wet or letting the shower get too steamy. It felt good to feel fresh, I am feeling a little bit grubby on my face even though I am cleansing etc I do like a good exfoliate and scrub. I cannot wait until all of this is over so I can wash my face, wash my hair and put my fake tan. I’m currently living in a baseball cap and hoodie, I just want to hide from the world until these brows start to lighten.


So last night I noticed my brows were getting slightly itchy but nothing too bad. I still slept on my back but am now getting a backache from this so I will try and turn my head slightly tonight as I never sleep on my back.

Woke up this morning expecting to see change (again) but nothing really to report. My left brow looks slightly patchy but they are both still horribly dark and thick. My fake tan has worn off and I look like Michael Jackson when he was going through the drawn on black eyebrow phase – not a good look. I am in no way bashing microblading or do I regret having it done but the whole healing process is taking its toll, I feel ugly and just want to scrub my face, wash my hair and put my tan on. I think documenting an honest opinion on the process is helpful not just for people to read but for me to look back on. I have had some lovely messages from others who have undergone this process and they keep reassuring me that indeed the colour will fade after they’ve scabbed (which they have yet to do) and I will have gorgeous brows.


I braved the school playground with no baseball cap yesterday, it wasn’t as bad as what I had imagined. Unfortunately Charlie was up from 1.30am with a sickness bug so I kind of forgot about my brows but I think they are looking a little thinner. They feel a bit tighter and I’m sure they are getting patchy but the colour still remains dark. If and when they do fade I will not be getting dark brown again, it is far too dark for my skin tone. I have been keeping up with putting a thin layer of cream on them with a cotton bud but I’ve not experienced any discomfort so far apart from them starting to become really itchy.


It looks like my brows have thinned out a bit but the colour has not faded. They are super itchy today so I have been putting the cream on them as advised.


I used cooled boiled water to wipe over my brows last night as I remembered being told I could do this. Why I didn’t do this sooner I shall never know as a good amount of excess colour came off and they look so much better. They have faded lots and are thinner, but still haven’t scabbed over yet. In all honesty I’m not really sure what they are supposed to look like.


My brows are starting to look a little more normal in terms of shade but very patchy. They are still a bit itchy but the cooled boiled water is helping with this. I make sure I use clean cotton wool and cotton buds when cleaning them and putting the cream on as I do not want any infection.


They are definitely scabbing in places now and becoming quite flaky. I think they look darker this morning and I have to admit the shape is quite nice perhaps a little too thick still but overall they look okay. I’ve had some lovely compliments from people saying how good they look and I think after the initial process and shock of how dark they were I’m coming round to liking them a little. It will be interesting to see how they change over the course of the next few weeks.


My thoughts overall, you can still shower and wash your hair without getting your eyebrows wet. It doesn’t matter if they get a bit sweaty or you sleep on your side. I discovered all of the things I was concerned about after doing my own research really do not matter, you can even continue with your usual cleansing routine (not vigorous scrubbing or exfoliating!). I think you have to go through the process yourself and as I said before everyone heals/reacts differently. It is far too early for me to form any sort of opinion on the finished look as they are going to take a good while to heal and then I need a top up.


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