Monthly Favourites – May 2018

Another month has been and gone, May was fab weather wise wasn’t it? I have lots of favourites from last month to share with you so let’s get cracking.

Saltwater Rose Gold Slides

I have admired Saltwater sandals for years, although they look fab on others I really didn’t think I would own a pair. Not being horrible but, the traditional style look a bit granny-ish for me and I would not be brave enough to pull a pair off. Having said that, I was utterly delighted to see Hannah Michalak¬† wearing a pair of these rose gold slides they looked so gorgeous I just had to brave it and order a pair. I’m so so glad I did as I have lived in them, I was slightly conscious wearing them for the first few times as I’ve never worn a style like that before and it was way out of my comfort zone.

Ozbozz Light Up Scooter

Amelie has been obsessed with scooting around which is lovely to see as she is not keen on riding a bike. She prefers to scoot everywhere and has been bugging me constantly to take her out on her scooter.

Nomadic Yogurt & Oats

I’ve mentioned these scrumptious pots of joy in a previous post and I am still absolutely loving them. They are the easiest (not necessarily healthiest) breakfast choice for me as I know exactly how many calories are in them and I can grab these on the go in the mornings – love them!

Amazon Fire Kids Tablet

Charlie received this tablet for his birthday, we were reluctant to buy an iPad so researched the best children’s tablets and this one came out on top. It has a 2 year guarantee and a year’s subscription to the Amazon apps. Charlie used to watch kids Youtube which we weren’t really happy about but since having this tablet he plays educational games, listens to stories and watches his favourite child friendly shows – mainly Peppa Pig and CBeebies.


I don’t know what’s happened to me this year but I’ve totally embraced the mum uniform with an added edge. I’m not turning into a frumpy mumsy moo but I’m trying out new styles that suit my body and I’m loving it. I have been living in these Converse for months now and they are the comfiest mum shoe I’ve ever owned. I have another pair with laces but they shred my heels to bits so I don’t wear them any more.

Rimmel Live Pink Blush

I ran out of my favourite Max Factor blusher a couple of months ago and forgot I had this Rimmel one hiding away. Now the weather has perked up and I have a tan I’m loving this blusher, it really makes you looked flushed but in a natural way and it lasts all day.

Vosene Kids Range

I have already mentioned this brand of children’s shampoo/conditioner/treatment but we are still loving the Vosene Kids range. I have recommended it to other mums in the playground who have gone out and bought it and I just love it. I use it on both children as it is fuss free and smells amazing.

Halfords Balance Bike

With all this glorious sunshine we’ve been lucky enough to have over May, we have been outside a lot. Charlie is such a whizz on this balance bike and is getting super speedy and confident it won’t be long before he can ride a big bike.

The Gym

Not a product but this is something I have been obsessed with for the last 4 months. I never thought I would love the gym as much as I love this one. It is an all women’s gym just up the road from me and has an array of classes. I just love it there, the trainers are amazing and I really enjoy kettlebells, spinning and my cardio workout on the cross trainer and treadmill. I have noticed such a change in my body shape, it feels brilliant to put myself out there and push myself.

What have you been loving during May?


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