Mum Pressure – I Want To Be Me!

Mum pressure, that is most certainly a thing. I feel I need to get this off my chest as it is consuming me slightly. So, social media gets a bad wrap and I don’t think it is any social media platform that this spirals from, it is Instagram and to be honest most insecurities stem from this app.

Daily I hear of people unplugging and taking breaks from social media but in reality it is just Instagram that is causing the issues. I personally love Insta but do have that same insecurity and self doubt that comes from this brilliant app.

So mum pressure is most certainly a “thing” we all know this deep down. There are SO many “influencers” milling around now and it is all too easy to be sucked into various things. But Mum Pressure is my most hated topic, it is so subtle and manipulative we don’t even realise we are entertaining this. I am very guilty of falling into the trap of:-

I should be doing this, every other mum is doing it

I shouldn’t be doing that, no one else seems to be doing that

I shouldn’t drink because they hate the taste of alcohol

I need to work out more

I need to cut out carbs

I should feed my children only organic foods

I could go on ALL day about various things. But, do you know what, I’m SO fed up of trying to be something I am clearly not. I love:-

Wine, gin, cider and prosecco

I love taking my kids to a beer garden on a hot sunny day to play whilst Daddy and me can have 2 mins peace before everyone needs the bloody toilet

I love eating carbs. Although being a coeliac is tricky I still love a massive bag of kettle crisps!!

I love cosy nights in, watching the TV scoffing chocolate and not exercising

My kids eat crap – deal with it

You get the picture….

But it really is all about balance for us, there are many many times where we don’t indulge in the above (most days) and it is mundane ordinary life. But when I hop onto Instagram and I’m met with “perfect mums” who don’t drink, don’t eat crap, exercise every single day and who have perfectly behaved children all day every day I feel so insecure and worried that I’m a shit mum.

Do you know what though I do a lot of this:-

Eating healthy 5 days a week

Play with my kids at the most inconvenient time

Read books, colour, craft, be fun mum

Put my whole family before myself every single day

Feel the ultimate mum guilt for the most silliest things

Keep my kids alive and well fed

I am just so fed up of feeling this immense pressure to be the perfect stepford wife that I am not enjoying life at the minute. I’m worried every time I have a gin, I’m worried every time my child thinks I’m ignoring them when actually I’m trying to look after them. There are a few mums in particular on Instagram that really lay it on thick that they don’t drink – okay, we get it. But I think old age is getting to me, as I cannot deny any longer who I am. I am a Miss Hannigan Mum and that is just me, I’m shouty, I lose my shit, I love a drink (within reason, if I have more than 3 I’m done for the next month!!) at the weekend, I eat crisps until I pop, I have stretch marks, cellulite, I work out loads but still feel so insecure about myself, I eat so clean but love a good binge at the weekend. That is me and I am not going to pretend any more as this Mum Pressure is making my life bloody miserable.

I am also the mum who:-

Worries constantly and imagines horrific scenarios about their kids

Puts the littlest to bed and stays with him until he is asleep

Can hear a whisper through the thick walls in the dead of night

Checks on her kids so many times during the night it is almost boarding on obsessive

Worries that I’ve not spent enough time with her kids

Puts everyone in house before herself because she is such an over thinker and people pleaser

Goes to EVERY SINGLE school event on the calendar, am NEVER late for the school run and her kids know she will be there

This is me as a mum and I don’t want to be ashamed of the kind of mother I am, yes I’m highly strung and sweat the small stuff but that is just me.


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