My 5 Favourite Youtube Mums

Even before I knew what a blog was I was hooked on watching Youtube, mainly searching for mothers and families alike. I have complied a list of my top 5 favourite Youtube mums/families that I have watched for a number of years. Some of these mums have gotten me through pregnancy insomnia, night feeds and kept me company whilst I’ve gone about my daily chores.

It may seem odd to some people when I tell them I watch people go about their day, give tips and advice about parenting, watch them get ready for a night out, see hauls of things they have bought and watch them cook/clean. But to me it is just the norm and I love nothing more than sitting down watching my favourite mums.


Claire Witt from The Witt Family is a mum of 2, she has a boy and a girl. She lives on a farm and vlogs about daily life, reviews, hauls, meal plans, look books and various other topics. I have watched Claire’s videos for years and think she is a lovely lady who gives a real insight on parenting, you can really relate to her and she’s not fake. I always come away feeling uplifted when I watch one of her videos. I really enjoy the health and fitness advice Claire gives as she has an amazing figure and always eats so well!


This wonderful channel – Autism: New Hope is about a gorgeous little boy called Leo who is autistic. His mum documents their journey through homeopathic remedies. It is a great source of reference and the support offered is amazing, I love catching up on the treatments Leo has undergone and seeing his sweet face as he goes about his day – definitely give this one a visit.


I have watched Mrs Meldrum for a number of years, I found her channel when I was pregnant. Rebecca is a mum to 2 girls with another little girl on the way. She and her husband live in Scotland and document their lives on Youtube. You will find daily vlogs on The Meldrums channel but Rebecca has another channel – Mrs Meldrum, which has fun videos on such as pregnancy updates, clothing hauls, reviews, tips, ramblings and general parenting. I love my daily dose of The Meldrums and having a nosy around their gorgeous home.


Kerry is a mum to 2 sweet girls, I found Kerry’s channel years ago and have watched ever since. I like how honest Kerry is and enjoy watching her videos on meal ideas, parenting advice, daily vlogs, health and fitness, potty training, decluttering the house, family outings and weekly grocery hauls. Kerry also has a second channel along with her husband, Warren – The Conway Clan – where they share their daily adventures with Sienna and Aria.


Anna Saccone Joly is an absolute babe, she is a mother to 3 children who are a similar age to my children (her son is a day older than Charlie) so I can really relate to her parenting shenanigans. I watch Anna’s videos for inspiration, tips on motherhood, I love her makeup tutorials, having a nosy around her massive house and also love her raw style of parenting. She has an amazing wardrobe so I like to refer back to her when I need outfit ideas. I love her mummy vlogs, what I ate Wednesdays and workout videos.

There are lots more mums on my subscription list but these are the ones I watch daily. None of them are trying to portray a “perfect” life, they show the real side to parenting that we can all relate to.



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