My Top 5 Favourite Cleaning Products

Cleaning and hinching is part of my daily life and even more so now we are in the middle of beating Covid-19. I am a germaphobe who loves nothing more than deep cleaning the house from top to bottom, getting in all the nooks and crannies to be left with a fresh smelling home.

Being completely honest, I have really struggled with keeping on top of the housework whilst the children have been at home both physically and actually having the motivation to do it. I  hoover 3 times a day, do about 5 sink loads of dishes, am forever cleaning bathrooms, picking up after everyone etc. I don’t mind a messy house (within reason) but I cannot stand a dirty home.

I have been going through cleaning products like crazy and have put together a few of my favourites.


I am sure every man and his dog is a Zoflora fan, I am no exception. I’ve used the famous disinfectant for years and absolutely love it, this scent in particular has really taken off – everyone is buzzing about it. It really does leave the whole house smelling fantastic, the scent certainly lives up to its hype of smelling like Alien by Mugler. I found my bottle in Tesco and will definitely be stocking up on this limited edition bottle before it leaves the shelves. I do think this is more of an Autumn/Winter scent, for me personally as it is quite strong, musky and I like more fresh scents for Spring/Summer. But at £1.50 a bottle you cannot go wrong.


Bit of a random one I know but, I absolutely love Toilet Duck especially the Marine scent. I cannot stand a grotty loo so am always squirting this in our bathrooms. I always always keep the downstairs bathroom clean as I have this fear that someone will knock on the door unannounced needing to use the loo, ha ha! I would be mortified if this happened and the toilet was in the state my kids leave it half the time so I make sure I stock up on Toilet Duck. It really smells so good, lasts for ages and is only a quid.


I came across this wonder product on so many people’s Instagram accounts but didn’t really buy into it. But me being me, wanted to try this raved about carpet cleaner especially as we have cream carpets and grubby children who spill everything on the floor.

Well, I can confirm it is indeed amazing I would be lost without it. I use it on the sofa cushions, bedding, rugs and of course carpets. If there is one product to keep in at all times it would be this, I am running out so will need to replenish my stock soon.


After catching up on Mrs Hinch’s stories where she was using this Astonish Window & Glass Cleaner, I rushed out to get it. My first attempt was awful, I used it with a cloth rather than just plain old kitchen roll. You spray it on to the windows then wipe clean with kitchen roll, it works a treat and is amazing on mirrors. I even cleaned the outside windows with it, I think I did a better job than our usual window cleaning guy. I even use it to clean the children’s tablets and Charlie’s glasses – I do love Astonish products!


Definitely a staple for my cleaning cupboard. I have used this cleaner for years, I wouldn’t be without it. I use it everywhere and have about 4 bottles on the go at one time. It is brilliant for getting the bathroom suite super clean, the scent lingers for hours and it is so affordable.

I do have loads more favourite products but this post would be so long if I shared them all. One product I will mention though is Febreze, it is probably my most used product as it really does eliminate smells, perfect for the stinky shoe cupboard and also brilliant for car seats!


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