Nativity, Coffee Dates and A Merry Christmas!

Life has been a blur of Christmas festivities, mince pies, coffee dates, nativity performances and so much chocolate. But, I’ve loved every second of it this is what December is all about and I for one, do not want it to end.

I’m one of those people who absolutely loves the build up to Christmas and it makes me so sad to think that in a week’s time it will all be over. This year I seem to have really made the most of the festive season, savouring every last drop of magic. The children are at the best age to really appreciate Christmas and understand it isn’t just about getting presents.

This week has been lovely, Mr K is on holiday so we’ve mooched at our leisure. We’ve enjoyed coffee dates, lunches out and spending that much needed time together before the children break up on Friday. I’ve nearly done all the Christmas present buying and have made my food list all ready for Christmas Eve – we always do our food shop on Christmas Eve as the shops are surprisingly quiet.

For now, I’m going to sign off until just after Christmas as I want to relax with the kiddies and enjoy our time together. I understand Christmas is not a merry time for everyone and that some are grieving the loss of someone they loved, people are poorly, homeless or are not as fortunate as others, so please spare a thought for those that find this time of the year difficult.

I really hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and thank you so so much for your support during my blogging year, I’ve had some amazing opportunities this year and feel so lucky. Each person who takes the time to comment/like/share and just be lovely on social media and on here, please know that it means the absolute world to me and I am very grateful.

Merry Christmas!


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