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New Year Wellbeing – Juice Detox, Dry January, Joining The Gym & Goal Setting

Happy New Year to you all!! It has been a little while since my last post, I hope you all had a super Christmas. So it is a new year and obviously all anyone is talking about right now are goals, resolutions, diets, fitness and travel. Well I’m not here to bore you too much with the above as I know it can get really annoying having it all forced down your throat.

I don’t make resolutions and I set monthly goals throughout the year so this really isn’t some crazy new phase I am stepping into. However, I do like to document my health and fitness goals just for me to look back on and if I can help out or inspire anyone then that is an added bonus. Grab yourself a cuppa, it may be a long one…


Let’s get the nitty gritty one out of the way – juice detox. This is a personal choice and I am going off what works for my body and how it makes me feel. I know juicing isn’t for everyone and there are so many mixed opinions surrounding this topic.

During November I had a big detox from drinking alcohol, it wasn’t making me feel good, I was extremely anxious and just felt horrible. Come December however, when all the festivities started I soon returned to drinking as you do near Christmas time. My diet was still good but for the two weeks Mr K and the children were off school I pretty much ate what I wanted, this included lots of cheeses, salty crisps, olives, tons of chocolates etc (all gluten free of course otherwise that would have been me done for). This is not how I normally eat and I am left feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin. Just to note I didn’t drink every day for two weeks or eat crap every day, plus I continued to work out as much as possible. I have the worst water retention from the salty foods, a swollen tummy from all the dairy (which I usually steer clear of due to IBS issues) and mentally I feel so discouraged.

I have resumed my normal eating patterns and continued my work outs but it is going to take a lot of time for my body to feel normal and not swollen again, I feel SO unhealthy. That is why I am going on a 2 day juice detox tomorrow and Friday (I have previously juiced, so this is not unusual for me), not to be silly and restrict my food but to pump some much needed vitamins in to my body. This is something I struggle with daily as being coeliac I can’t seem to get enough of the right vitamins in leaving me feeling tired and lacking constantly. I feel like I need a total reset for a couple of days, I realise I will consume much more sugar than normal but the juices I have chosen contain more veggies than fruit plus I cannot have anything that contains green tea or matcha as that sends me loopy and makes me throw up. I will be documenting this over on my Instagram.


Hmmm…. a tricky one and one that again divides opinions. I think I have only ever been successful at completing Dry January once maybe or 3 times if you count both pregnancies. I think Dry January is extremely restricting and hard to maintain, how can you go from drinking quite frequently during December to going cold turkey? I have downloaded the Try Dry app on my phone and as much as I need a humongous break from the wine and gin I am not putting that pressure on myself. I have drank 2 days during January so far which is fine, I can’t say I feel any benefit from not drinking yet as it usually takes a good couple of weeks. But my birthday is 2 and a half weeks and there is no way I won’t be celebrating turning another year old (and closer to 40) without something bubbly in my glass.


Oh boy have I missed the gym!! You may remember this time last year I took the plunge and joined a gym in the town I had moved to. This was a massive step for me and for a while I loved it, I loved the endorphins, the results and just having that little bit of time doing something that didn’t relate to being a mum. However, I had so many health issues last year my anxiety grew and grew until I was literally shaking before going in to do my work out. So I gave up my membership and haven’t been back.

I feel like the time is right to take some baby steps back in to what used to make me so happy. I am not going to get anywhere in life if I continue to be a little scaredy cat letting anxiety win. I absolutely love using weights and running on the treadmill, the buzz I get from these two things combined is just amazing but I am too frightened to make the step on my own. Until now that is, so as of next week I am going to return (only once a week to start with) to the gym. I am not going to be nervous about who will be in there, I am not going to get flustered and panicked if someone looks at me and I am not going to let my fears stop me from getting the results I want.


This year for me is all about looking after myself -selfish I know! I spend so much of my time, like every mum, worrying about/taking care of the family that I forget about me. I let myself get so run down, tired and emotional and I do nothing about it. So I am working on me in order to be a stronger mum. I really hope to achieve lots of things this year mentally, physically, emotionally and career wise, there are lots of things going on behind the scenes and I am excited for what lies ahead.

I love having a plan and working towards goals, I will mess up a million times no doubt but I will get back up again. These are just my personal opinions and each to their own, everyone will judge you no matter what you say or do, so just do what makes you happy – life is far too short.

I would love to hear your outlook for 2020. If you have made it to the end of this post, then thank you so so much for sticking around.

Have a smashing week!


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