October Favourites

Who else is feeling super festive? November is here and I cannot wait to get into the Christmas spirit – yes, I can finally talk about Christmas without offending someone. Actually, I was talking about Christmas in August so who cares.

Since moving house in September I’ve not really had time to publish a Favourites post as things were understandably up in the air. But, I’ve put together a few of my most used/loved items to share with you today.


I have been lusting after a cordless vacuum cleaner for the longest time. I looked at the Dyson, the Shark and the Gtech. All had raving reviews and I spent a lot of time mooching around Currys trying them out. I always had a firm favourite – the Gtech. I cannot tell you how much this vacuum cleaner has transformed my life, yes, I’m that sad in that a vacuum cleaner can actually make me the happiest person alive.

My only regret is, I wish I bought one when the children were babies. My life would have been a million times easier when they were weaning. The model I have is the Gtech Pro, it comes with lots of attachments and detaches at the top to use on the stairs and for cleaning the car out. The battery life is okay, we now live in a four bed (3 bath) detached house and I can still whizz round using the highest setting in 20 (ish) minutes. The suction is awesome and I get the carpet lines that everyone loves to hate on, I love carpet lines, ha ha. The only thing I have found is it doesn’t suck up sock fluff easily, and I am yet to find a hoover that actually does suck up sock fluff without vigorous movement. But, overall I love it and find it brilliant for when my son spills every single meal on the floor, I can whip out the Gtech and clean it up before it ruins my carpet.


When we moved into our new house I found a bottle of Febreze cotton fresh in the cupboard. I gave it a spray around the house thinking it would be a bit naff but oh my goodness, I am OBSESSED with the stuff. I go through at least a bottle every other week and cannot live without it. It makes everything smell so fresh and I love coming home to a clean smelling house.


There’s a bit of a theme going on here, candles. Always loved them as you know but finding a candle that fills the whole house with a gorgeous scent is nearly impossible. I buy these expensive jar candles that are £16+ and am left so disappointed with them. I then revert back to the good old Glade candles, they are so affordable and really do make the house smell lovely, my favourite scents from their collection are With Love and Relaxing Zen. I have been buying these candles for about 10+ years now. I also really like one I found in Asda recently by a brand called Eco Wix, I’d never heard of them before but the scent really lasts even when you aren’t burning the candle you can still smell it.

Coffee #1

Ahhhh my love of good coffee continues. Last month was all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte, I tried it for the first time and it was delicious. Although it was super sweet, I couldn’t drink one every time I visited a coffee house. My favourite coffee shop is definitely Coffee #1, I love the atmosphere, the decor and the coffee is amazing my go-to cup is the flat white. I love nothing more than lulling around on a Saturday morning with the family, nipping into Coffee #1 for a hot cup of coffee and watching the world go by whilst my kids create havoc, argue about who has the most marshmallows and continuously bicker – bliss.

Joules Chelsea Boots

I couldn’t not include these gorgeous boots in a favourites post. I absolutely love them, I think they are so smart and go with every outfit I’ve worn. I do love a good boot, chunky knit and jeans combo for this time of year, a classic outfit.

Maybelline Nail Polish – Downtown Red

I love painting my nails but as soon as the colour is on I find a chip. It makes the whole process really annoying as I have to reapply a coat every day. I have found a nail polish that does stand the test of time, by Maybelline I really like the deep red for Autumn/Winter/Christmas time.

L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil

Well, what can I say apart from I have been so horrible to my hair just lately. I won’t go into all the details about how I’ve treated my locks (only my hair dresser knows these dark secrets) but let’s just say it is probably in the worst possible state it has ever been in my life. I have found a saving grace in the form of this Healing Oil, it hasn’t completely healed my mane but has helped a lot. I have some Olaplex on order and am currently trying not to use much heat on it (easier said than done when you have naturally curly, fluffy Hagrid hair). The thing is I love getting highlights and feel really good when I have blonde hair, but then the roots start creeping in and it just looks skanky. So I go and pop a brown on it and then don’t feel like me so start messing with it more, I do have a plan though so I’m hoping a new hair care routine will sort it out soon.

National Trust Membership

I’ll start off by being completely honest, I thought National Trust Memberships were for old people or posh mums (don’t hate me please). However, my thoughts and opinions have been swayed since I signed up for a Trust card – why didn’t I do this when the kiddies were tiny!!? I cannot wait to start exploring new places and attend Christmas events, we had an afternoon out at Dunster Castle last weekend and it was brilliant. We are taking the children back to visit Father Christmas next month, the setting will be so magical for them.

And that’s the lot, a bit random in places but these were things I’ve been loving throughout October.

I suspect next month’s list will be very much Christmas themed.


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