October Goals

October is finally here. This is my favourite month of the year when Autumn is in full swing, Halloween is just around the corner and I can properly get cosy. This month is a little different for me as I really feel the time has come to set myself some goals – something I haven’t done since the beginning of the year – and now life is calming down slightly the time is right. I think the start of a new month is the perfect time to change things if you aren’t happy with the way life is going.

These are my personal goals, very much health related as the past couple of months have been extremely stressful and exhausting. Whilst I’ve not put any weight on during this time (I’ve actually lost weight oddly) my choice in foods has been somewhat unhealthy.

Here is my list:-

Drink at least a litre of water a day – I’m terrible at drinking water but when I get into the rhythm of it I can chug it back. I’ve been living off of tea and coffee for the last two weeks and I feel dreadful for it.

Get an early night – As life has been upside down I have not had a great deal of sleep. My night’s have been disturbed by children, different beds, extremely late nights and nightmares. I’m determined to go to bed as early as possible as Charlie has been waking before 5am just lately and it is killing me.

No alcohol – I’ve just signed up to Sober October  raising money for charity. It kind of fell at the same time as my planned break from alcohol – I’m not dependant on it or anything. I like a couple of glasses at the weekend but I do not like the way it makes me feel right now so a break from it is very welcomed.

Limited treats – Lets be honest I have stuffed my face this weekend with chocolate tea cakes, biscuits and any other sugary snack I could lay my hands on so I am taking a break from it all.

Take vitamins – My cupboard is stocked with all the vitamins I require and I WILL make an effort to remember to take them. Especially with the change in season as it is about now that I start to become run down and either contract a sickness bug or a horrible cold.

Be consistent with skin care routine – I’ve been so bad at following a proper skin care routine and I can really tell as my skin is breaking out (which it never does) and looks really dull and dehydrated.

Be more organised and productive – As we are still settling into a new life/school/home routine I’ve not been my most productive but I’ll get back to being the organised mum I once was.

Explore the new area – As mentioned above we moved and I really need to get out and about and not be scared to drive to new places. I’m an extremely anxious driver (I hate driving) and avoid certain things just so I don’t have to drive – it terrifies me.

Meet new people – I have moved to a town where I know not a single soul. This is kind of liberating and scary, but I’m looking forward to meeting new friends who don’t know you and can’t go on the opinion of others. Making new friends as an adult is daunting especially as most of the friends I will make will be mums. We all have very different parenting styles and I really hope I can find a good group of girls to have fun with. I went to a coffee afternoon at the beginning of the week at the children’s new school, it was only the Reception parents who attended but they were so lovely and I’ve already been chatting to a few of them since.

Throw myself back into blogging – I cannot wait to get back to a proper blogging schedule, I’m itching to write and publish frequently. With things being so busy and unpredictable during the move I’ve not had the time or a consistent internet source to be able to put my whole effort into blogging and I’ve missed it. With both children at school I can really concentrate on my blog/social media platforms and also find some new blogs to read as I love to catch up on a good blog post.

So there you have it, nothing extravagant or remotely interesting really just some targets I would like to hit. It will be interesting to see how I feel at the end of this month, I’m hoping to look and feel so much healthier.

Do you ever set monthly goals?


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