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Playmobil The Movie

The summer holidays are well underway, the children are winding down from school and are on the brink of mumbling the dreaded words… ‘I’m bored!’. Have no fear as this summer Playmobil have saved the best treat until last, they are releasing PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE, and have a whole host of brand new play sets to accompany this – yippeeeee!!

I am so excited to see the Playmobil characters come to life on the big screen, and I know my kiddies will absolutely love it too.


When her little brother Charlie gets sucked into an exciting animated imaginary world of Playmobil make believe, Marla makes it her mission to rescue the youngster. Along the way she is tested to the limit but in a twist of turns and events she makes some unlikely friends. In the movie we see some funny, magical mis-fits; there’s a charming food truck driver Del who takes it upon himself to help Marla out, an enchanting fairy godmother, a super smooth secret agent Rex Dasher who has every gadget possible and many other epic faces who pop up. When Charlie is catapulted into this new world where nothing is what it seems, he is transformed into an unrecognisable strong Viking who takes on challenges beyond belief.

This is a tale of sibling affection, strength, humour and belief. It is an easy story for children to follow and in some ways relate to, the colours and adventures will draw them in and hold their attention. I cannot wait to take Amelie and Charlie, we love going to the cinema and we love Playmobil – a perfect combination for making memories this summer. The film will hit UK cinemas on 9th August, make sure you book your tickets!!


We have been extremely lucky once again to have worked with Playmobil. I truly feel honoured and so grateful to be able to review the range. My children are obsessed with the play sets and this time we are reviewing Del’s Food Truck. I’m going to be honest here, when it comes to play sets for the children I am the worst person to put things together (Daddy is so much better at that stuff), I get flustered, the instructions confuse me and I stick the stickers on wonky. However, you can ALWAYS rely on Playmobil to simplify things for you and explain where EVERYTHING needs to go with a step-by-step detailed account. Even for this hot mess of a mum, these play sets are a breeze to construct.

So we chose Del’s Food Truck as Charlie is obsessed with vehicles and fast food. I love the attention to detail with all Playmobil sets and this one does not disappoint. There are tiny drinks cups, a sink, shower, menu boards, teeny tiny burgers and so much more. The quality is as good as it always is, this stuff is so robust and lasts for years. Amelie and Charlie loved role playing, creating scenarios and incorporating existing Playmobil sets, we even had Lucky and Spirit join for a burger!

Another addition to this fantastic range are blind bags. Now, if your children are anything like mine they love a blind bag! You can collect the characters from the movie and construct them yourself, they are so easy to put together Amelie and Charlie put the figures together in seconds. We have a couple of birthday parties coming up and I think the blind bags would make a fab gift.

Let me know if you see the movie!


Disclaimer – We were very kindly sent Del’s Food Truck and two blind bags to review, all opinions, words and photos are my own.

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