Pre Christmas Pamper & Juice Detox

Pamper plans for Christmas – how silly does that sound? I don’t know about you but, I think Christmas is the perfect opportunity to glam up and treat yourself to a manicure. I realise that this might not seem a luxury to most, however for me this is a massive treat. I do paint my nails, not that they last more than a day with my hands constantly being in water, cleaning products and general wear/tear. But I can’t really justify £20+ every two weeks on getting my nails done as I would rather the money went on the children. So I only really visit the salon on special occasions such as holidays, birthdays and Christmas.

I’ve already booked my nail appointment and this year I think I’m going all out with a red nail. I tend to steer away from this as I prefer a nude colour with a bit of sparkle. We don’t have any extravagant plans for Christmas as we moved house/town during the summer so really want to spend it as a family at home enjoying all the festivities. We are visiting family/friends though and I love getting glammed up making an effort to look, and more importantly, feel nice. I spend most of my days looking like an old bag lady so to dress up a bit during the party season is so nice.

Another pamper treat I like to have is eyelash extensions. I’ve not had them for over a year, and I cannot wait to get my lash on, I usually have volume lashes which last about 3 weeks (possibly more) for me if I look after them. They look so so nice, plus not having to put mascara on every day is such a luxury. I love waking up looking half put together ready to crack on with the day.

I’m really looking forward to all the delicious Christmas party food but am slightly nervous I’ll over do it and end up feeling bloated/uncomfortable – that’s what Christmas is about though, right? We all know December is all about indulging in rich food and sipping something with a kick. So, I’ve started my pre-Christmas plan as I’ve worked so hard this last year to become more healthy, lose some weight and build some muscle (just my personal choice). I’ll continue working out 3+ times a week, I’ve started running again which feels amazing I cannot wait to rejoin a gym in the New Year.

I am also planning to do a Juice Detox for a couple of days before and after Christmas ready for my New Year’s Eve feast. We usually order a takeaway but they leave me feeling really sick, so this year I’m making a Chinese meal from scratch for us all. It is certainly about balance for me and I’ve finally found something that works for me personally. Would I recommend a Juice Detox? I think it really is an individual choice. When I’m juicing I’m not doing it to lose weight, I do it to feel good from the inside. Surprisingly the juices fill me up and taste really nice, I’m not bloated by the end and feel really good. I couldn’t juice for more than two days though as I like proper food too much.

Do you have a pre-Christmas pamper?


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