September Favourites

I’ve not published a monthly favourites post in forever, I have so many things I’ve been loving recently so I will share my top faves with you.


I swore I would never wear leggings again in my life after living in them during both pregnancies – I wanted to burn them by the end. However, I received a pair of Love Leggings for Mother’s Day (*previously gifted*) and I am obsessed! They are the most comfortable, softest leggings ever. The quality is amazing, none of this see-through to your big pants business, they are thick, do not go all baggy plus they are high waisted so suck that tummy in. I’ve worn them to the gym (I can confirm they are squat proof), on the school run and lounging about the house – perfect for the transition into Autumn for those chilly mornings when you don’t know what to wear.


I discovered these candles last year when I moved into my new house. I’m a big fan of foodie scents and burn candles continuously from September to March, you can’t beat that cosy feeling on a chilly Autumn day with the house all smelling fresh and snuggling up with a cuppa. These particular candles are up there with Yankee Candles, actually they are better than Yankee Candles and a fraction of the price. There are so many lovely scents to choose from, you can buy them at Asda. The scent fills the whole house and lasts for hours, I need to stock up again soon.


Finding a decent gluten free porridge has been tricky, you would think porridge oats are all the same so what does it matter. I’ve been through a fair few packets and have finally found one that has good macros, tastes nice and lovely and creamy when milk is added. The Asda own brand gluten free porridge oats are by far the best. I make my porridge mixed with Biomel and a chopped banana every morning for breakfast, I look forward to it so much plus it keeps me full for hours.


I got this super snuggly fleece last Autumn, it has been one of my best buys to date. I love throwing this on in the morning for the school run along with my Love Leggings, a comfy outfit for running errands in. I need a new one, I’ve seen everyone raving about the Tesco F&F fleeces so may have to pick myself up one of those although the one I would like is white, not a good mix with mucky children and makeup.


I don’t think I’ll ever find a professional gel polish that will last more than 3 days without peeling off. I think my nails are just not designed to look pretty – boo hoo! I usually wear Barry M polish but find they chip within hours so I tried the Maybeline nail polishes ages ago and am still loving them. They do chip but wear well with a little top up. I am all about the dark colours now for Autumn/Winter, I think black and dark purple look so classy.


Since going blonde again I’ve been keeping up with the silver/purple shampoo. I have tried loads and will do a separate blog post reviewing them all soon. I’m trialling the Elvive purple shampoo and really like it, the scent is not too offensive and it leaves your hair feeling soft with lots of vibrant colour.


Dare I say it, but I “think” I have found my favourite foundation EVER. Whilst I still love using the No.7 foundations the Double Wear is like nothing I’ve ever worn before, it is silky, covers well, lasts all day and makes my skin look as flawless as it can.


My children love tablet time and it was only until very recently that we bought them both an Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition. They didn’t have any form of gadget or device until Amelie was 6 as I didn’t think it was necessary (just my personal choice). But now things have evolved and they both enjoy playing games on the apps, watching (monitored) Kids YouTube and the educational games. I think it has really helped with their development and sometimes they just need that calm chill out time. Don’t get me wrong they still read a great deal, play with toys/games and get outside a lot but unfortunately this is how life is now and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve used their tablets as babysitters when I need to get tea cooked, we are out at a restaurant or on long car journeys. This tablet has been brilliant it is really robust and comes with fantastic customer service.


Being coeliac and also very sensitive to certain other foods that trigger bloating and a painful tummy, I am always on the look out for remedies to help calm this. I have been loving Twinings Pure Peppermint tea to settle my stomach and deflate it. I thought it wouldn’t work but honestly this has been one of the best remedies for bloating.

I may have to publish another favourites post very soon as there a so many fab things I want to share, but for now I will leave it here. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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