Slow Cooker Sweet Baked Potatoes

Sweet potatoes cooked in a slow cooker? Sounds vile but tastes amazing, I had visions of the potatoes turning into a soggy mess or not cooking at all just sticking to the bottom of the pot. Here’s my how-to…

My slow cooker could only fit 2 quite large sweet potatoes in but I know some slow cookers can fit up to 4. I started by washing the potatoes in warm water but not drying them – this is the key to cooking them in the slow cooker, as they do not need any more water added to the pot.

I then put them directly into the pot, I was worried they may burn or get stuck to the bottom of the pot but as they were still wet they didn’t stick. So I turned on the heat to a low setting for around 7 hours and off I went about my day.

I kept checking on the potatoes throughout the day and eventually turned the slow cooker to the warm setting about 6pm. I was making a recipe from The Body Coach, Lean in 15 book for Valentine’s Day so left the potatoes until about 9pm.

When I took the potatoes out of the pot I wiped off the excess water with some kitchen roll. I cut the potatoes to see what the middle was like and couldn’t believe how soft and moist (ick, I hate that word) the potato was. It had not dried out or shrivelled up and was super tasty, the middle was very creamy and the skin was a little crispy – I ate the lot.

I definitely recommend giving this a go if you like sweet baked potatoes as it is so easy to pop themĀ into the slow cooker and is completely mess free. This might also be of use to you if you are weaning as you can scoop out the middle to use as a first taste.







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