Slowing Down

It feels like life has been all over the place just lately, hectic weeks roll into busy weekends. It is so fast paced I can hardly catch a breath, I feel I am just existing and not living.

With the change of the seasons today I feel new beginnings are on the horizon and I am making a conscious effort to slow down the pace. Now the summer holidays are over, Mr K has completed his stint of working abroad and school life is settling down a bit I feel I can start to regain some much needed quality time with the family.

I am sure I’m not the only one who feels like this. It is quite tricky to put into words but I kind of think I’m not really seeing my children or spending time with them, they are just in the background buzzing around when I’m carrying out mum duties. I don’t feel like I have spent any quality time with them to play, read (we read before bed but that is just their school books), make them laugh, listen to their stories and just “be”. Our weekends have been taken up with various outings, guests coming over, birthday parties etc and I just need a break from it all.

I want a weekend where we don’t leave the house, we pull all the toys out, slob about in our comfy clothes, watch movies, play games, eat lunch together and potter around. I want to have proper Sundays again making a roast dinner, getting ready for school, slobbing on the sofa snuggling my babies. That is exactly what I am going to do, as of this weekend I am brining old school family time back. I don’t need to be rushing around franticly cleaning, hoovering, washing – who cares if there’s laundry to put away, dishes in the sink!?

Time is so precious I certainly take it for granted but I don’t want to look back when Amelie and Charlie are older and think I should have spent more time with them instead of cleaning the bathroom. This makes me feel incredibly guilty and even though their every need is taken care of with regards to being fed, watered and cared for I feel like I’m the one missing out as I put other tasks before them without even realising that is what is happening because I’m too focussed on things being done.


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