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Spring Fashion for Men with JACAMO

The title says Spring fashion for men but if your other half is anything like mine, he will wear the same clothes all year round.

However, I do think it is nice to treat yourself to some new staple items that will wear well through each season. When it comes to men’s fashion Mr K likes to keep it simple and he likes to feel good in his clothes.

Shopping is tricky at times, we have two young children who hate being dragged around the shops. Time really is not on our side, Mr K works all week and the last thing he wants to do at the weekend is trawl around a shopping centre looking for new clothes. He tends to buy jeans and shoes frequently, but he doesn’t ever purchase tops. I always make sure I buy him some nice tops for Christmas, Father’s Day and his birthday.

Now with the promise of Spring in the air and a holiday abroad approaching it was about time that Mr K had a few new bits and bobs to make him feel good and also to update his wardrobe. When Jacamo got in touch to see if we would like to pick out some clothes I just had to say yes. This was a great opportunity for a different take on fashion and also it might give your other half some ideas if they are thinking of going on a shopping spree.

If you haven’t heard of Jacamo before they are a brilliant company providing top brand clothing, accessories, sportswear and footwear. I absolutely love companies where everything is under one roof, making it easier and so less stressful to shop in the comfort of your own home. It couldn’t be more simple to shop with Jacamo, they house thousands of clothing items to suit each individual style, the prices are extremely affordable and the quality of the clothing is outstanding. Returns are super easy and delivery is really quick, if you lead a busy lifestyle where shopping is last on the list I would definitely check them out.

What did we pick?

As I mentioned previously Mr K’s uniform is generally jeans and a t-shirt, he is partial to a cosy knit and a hoodie but I would say his staple is certainly a good fitting t-shirt and jeans. So, that’s what we ordered. The t-shirts that arrived were probably the best fitting tops Mr K has worn before, the colours were great and we had a very happy Charlie as he now matched Daddy.

The best item picked from Jacamo was this Snowdonia Thinsulate Jacket. Mr K travels with work and often goes to Norway and Scotland. The weather is obviously unpredictable so he needs a lightweight coat to see him through. The trouble is some jackets/coats are so bulky and too thick he finds it difficult to pack one in a suitcase, they take up a lot of room which can be challenging if he only has hand luggage.

However, we’ve found the perfect jacket for travelling or keeping in the car. The Snowdonia jacket is extremely lightweight but still padded, it looks super stylish and can be pulled in with a drawstring for a fitted look. The best part is, it comes in a handy little bag making it perfect for travelling as it folds up into a compact shape that you can easily pack in your suitcase. I could even put it in my handbag as it is so light and takes up no room at all. It is a brilliant all round jacket and such a good price at £55.

The last item was again, another t-shirt. This one is by a brand called Bewley & Ritch. I think this top would look so nice on holiday with a pair of smart shorts for going out in the evening.

I just know that by adding a few key pieces to Mr K’s wardrobe he is all set for Spring/Summer. We have created a kind of capsule wardrobe for him, you don’t have to spend a great deal in order to put together some smart but comfortable outfits.


**This post is in collaboration with JACAMO, items have been gifted in exchange for an honest review**

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