Thank you!!

My blog is coming up to being a month old, say what! I honestly didn’t think I would ever put my mind to it and create a parenting/mummy blog all of my own. There are so many amazing blogs/bloggers out there and way out of my league but, I’m so proud of my little  blog and the following I have.

I just wanted to pop on and say, thank you so so much to each and every one of you who have supported me, taken the time out of your busy lives to read my blog, leave such lovely comments, followed me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and liked my pictures. It means so much and I appreciate your support greatly.

I have met (virtually) so many lovely, kind bloggers in the short space of time. I’ll be honest, I was very nervous about putting myself out there for people to criticise me and I was embarrassed about letting family and friends know that I had created a blog as most of them wouldn’t get it or understand and think I was crazy. However, everyone has been really positive, which helps immensely. My confidence is growing and I am coming around to the fact that I am a blogger and I’m excited as to where my little hobby could take me.

This has all been possible thanks to you lovely lot!

So, if you are on Twitter (@mummybutstillme), Instagram (xameliekx) or Facebook (Mummy But Still Me) pop over, say hi and check out daily pics, insta stories, tweets and all that good stuff.


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  • Mummytodex

    I felt exactly the same as you! Although my blog drives me crazy at times, it feels so rewarding when I get great feedback from my virtual mummy friends, especially when they say I’ve helped them in some way. Love your blog! Glad you started it xx

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