Things That Bug Me About Social Media

I’m not really sure what I want to get across in this post so it may well turn ranty and rambly.

Over the past month or so I’ve been getting more and more peed off with people who request to be your friend on Facebook and then when you see them in the street they completely blank you. What’s that about and why go to the effort of scrolling through to find me, friend request me and stare at the ground when you see me!? It happened twice today, and I’m fed up of it. As I’m getting older (yes, 35 in January – eeeek) I’m feeling more inclined not to be two faced and actually say how I feel or act upon my feelings. So I think I may have a good old clear out of friends on Facebook, I don’t have that many friends on Facebook anyway as I’m not a person who would accept a friend request off of a friend of a friend or someone I spoke to once. Does anyone else feel like that?

Instagram – I will say now that Instagram is my most favourite social media platform so I don’t want to diss it too much. However, what really annoys me about Instagram (apart from all the perfect people on there) is when you comment on a post why don’t people just be polite and reply to your comment. It’s just rude and I understand not everyone sees the comments if you have hundreds, but if you do see, just a little comment to answer a question or to say thanks.

Twitter – Hmmmm…. I’m still figuring Twitter out and I still don’t really get it. I’ve no idea what it means when people add me to groups and lists. I took part in a Twitter chat the other day and didn’t have a clue what I was doing and why – too many hashtags.  But, I have received the most support and have met the most kindest bloggers and companies through Twitter. I think I need a crash course – Twitter for Dummies, ha ha! The one thing I will say and I know it is shallow, I hate it when people unfollow me, ha ha – I mean, boooo hoooo!



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