Top Hair Care Products to Rescue Chemically Damaged or Bleached Hair

I’ve always coloured my hair, I get really bored with the same style and am quite lucky that my hair takes well. Having said that over the last year I had a really bad experience with a local (Devon) salon. They completely ruined my hair, I had been growing it out for around 8 months which is a long time for me as my hair grows at slug pace.

I went to the salon for balayage but was told it wouldn’t look right on me and they couldn’t do it. So I had to go with highlights – high lift tint. I won’t go into all the details but you get the picture, it came out crap and I had to rectify it a few times. My hair was left in an appalling state it was falling out in clumps, thinning and very wispy.

Me being me decided it would be great idea to just put a brown box dye on my hair so I wouldn’t have any offensive roots and I could concentrate on getting it back into some sort of good condition. I always use a temporary box dye in a medium brown as it takes really well and comes out all shiny. I went ahead and used this, it looked great and healthy but a few days later I had regrets – I didn’t feel like me with such dark hair. I bought Colour B4 which I have used many many times before, I stripped the colour out and was left with a red glow. Not what I wanted I used Colour B4 for a second time, if you know how this product works you will know how damaging it is and it is essentially chemically treating your hair.

I just remember using it and staring in the mirror – I was bright ginger. I asked the children ‘What colour is mummy’s hair?’. They both shouted ‘ginger!!!’ I went upstairs and bawled my eyes out then proceeded to march straight to Superdrug for another brown box dye. That was at the end of October and I had to spend the next 5 months with dark brown hair – I’m not being dramatic but I felt so ugly and looked old/washed out.

My hair had broken off to extremely short layers which were all different lengths. The condition was terrible it was brittle, thin, falling out again and unmanageable. I had to take drastic measures to rescue it. I watched numerous Youtube videos on how to restore chemically damaged/bleached hair, read all the blog posts and bought a lot of products. Thankfully, 7 months on and my hair is in a reasonable state and has grown a lot. I thought I would share the products I used that were miracle workers and also some tips on how to save your frazzled locks.



This has to be the main hair care product that saved me. I had heard so many mixed reviews about this but I was desperate to try anything and I am so glad I did. I used this 3 times a week until the bottle ran out. It truly did assist in restoring the condition I would recommend this as a first option.


This shampoo is amazing, it is quite pricey but totally worth the money. I didn’t use this for every wash I was noticing my hair had started to become really dry and I read that too much Keratin is bad for your hair – you have to balance it out.


I absolutely love this oil and used it when my hair was wet and also after styling. It lasts for ages, I still have some left and will certainly purchase another bottle. Again it is expensive but you get what you pay for.


I had never heard of this brand but it was on offer along with the Olaplex (as a package) so I bought it. It claims to repair damaged hair, moisturises dry hair and conditions it without being too heavy. It lived up to all the hype and works amazingly, this is another product I will be repurchasing. It left my hair soft, feeling healthy even at it’s worst and really conditioned.


I was dubious about trying this but it is fab and I have nearly a whole pot left. You don’t need a lot of this mask it really does leave your hair feeling silky, soft and manageable.


Do not over wash your hair, it will dry it out.

Try not to straighten it every day, I bought a cap and wore that A LOT. I think that really helped my hair grow.

Use the above products but don’t overload your hair.

When washing and drying your hair, use a cool temperature in the shower (almost cold) and use the very lowest heat setting on your hairdryer.

Get it chopped regularly. It sounds terrifying as you want it to grow but in order for that to happen you need to cut off the damaged dry ends.

Wait – that is the hardest thing to do! There were many times I wanted to go to the hairdressers and get it all chopped off, bleached and styled but in all honesty that would have been the worst thing I could have done.

I think this whole episode has probably been a blessing in disguise for me, I can’t guarantee I won’t mess it up again but it has taught me that I need to take care of my hair. I felt so down and self conscious when I had dark brown damaged hair, I never want to feel that way again. I hope this has been of some use, I still use the products above and will continue to do so as with bleach your hair breaks off but I make sure I have a few days during the week where I leave my hair alone and put a hat on just to give it a break.


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