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Top Home & Cleaning Essentials

I have always enjoyed cleaning and freshening up the house. Even before the children arrived I would love nothing more than finishing work on a Friday, getting home to blitz the Cottage, Flat or Bungalow I was living in. Starting the weekend with a fresh clean home, candles burning and that proper clean smell – all cosy!

Over the years I have found various cleaning and home essentials, products have come on so far from the days of the house smelling of bleach. We have fancy disinfectants, toilet cleaners which aren’t that awful pine smell, the launch of wax burners and a whole empire of cleaning addicts on Instagram (myself included). I thought I would share a few of my most used and favourite homely items I use to keep my house smelling and feeling super hinched.


This one is very new to me, I usually opt for the ever famous Zoflora. However, after spying this Disinfectant Spray in Aldi a month or so ago, I am a complete convert and will never return to using Zoflora.

Fabulosa have such an extensive range of cleaning products that come in the most delicious scents. The only ones I have tried so far, are Wild Rhubarb and Sugared Almond – oh my word they are amazing! I use this spray everywhere and it literally fills the whole house with the scent that lasts for hours. Amelie is obsessed with Fabulosa just like me.


I love doing laundry, sad I know! Finding new fabric softeners and laundry gels really excites me! If our house had a utility room I would stock every cupboard with allllll the fabric softeners. I think Comfort Honeysuckle & Sandalwood is my favourite, it smells lovely, lasts for ages on your clothes and makes them super soft. It is especially nice on bedding and towels, even the kids comment on how nice their pillows smell.


I hadn’t heard of Scentsy until fairly recently, my Mum and Sister introduced me to it. I received a beautiful wax warmer from my Mum so had a little browse through the catalogue. If you are unfamiliar with Scentsy here’s a little rundown.

Scentsy is a fragrance company who pride themselves on their fabulous warmers and wax bars. Scentsy wax bars are melted at a low temperature, making them a safe alternative to candles/wax burners in the presence of children and pets. The main benefits of this low temperature are that the wax will never be released into the air as it is just the fragrance that is released, unlike traditional wax burners and candles – there are no naked flames or smoke just a heating element or bulb depending on the warmer.

Scentsy has a vast amount of other wonderful products for the home (award winning diffusers), car, laundry and even soft cuddly Scentsy buddies for children.

My hairdresser kindly gave me a sample pack of wax bars and oh my goodness, I just wanted to eat the bag! The warmer my Mum gave me is beautiful, it plugs in and lights up my hallway, as you can see it has such a stunning design. Being completely honest, I did wonder what all the fuss was about as you know I am so into my candles/wax melts etc. So have tried possibly every single brand of candle/wax melt ever, I do find the most expensive candles do not hold the scent for very long this also goes for the traditional wax burners, once the candle has gone out that’s that and the scent disappears. But with Scentsy the fragrance last for hours/days even weeks within the home. So I do understand why this brand is so popular.

Scentsy literally has a scent for everyone, I’m not a fan of citrus or floral things I much prefer bakery/foodie sweet smells. Having said that, I have got a wax bar called Jammy Time which is almost like an aromatherapy experience. I melted it just before Christmas when the kids were going crackers and honestly the scent filled the whole house, calmed us all down and funnily enough we all slept really well. I am very excited to say, I am now an Independent Scentsy Consultant myself. It is something I have been wanting to get involved with for ages, I don’t undertake things like this lightly, but I am extremely passionate about the products and I cannot wait to share my experience with you all. Please take a look at my private Facebook group – Wickless Bliss for all the info, anyone can join the wonderful world of Scentsy!


A clean toilet is really important to me. I feel sick when I watch these horrible ‘How Clean Is Your House’ type programmes, who could be that disgusting and not clean their toilet – yuk! Now that we have a downstairs cloakroom I always make sure it is spotless. I do find the limescale builds up quickly so have been using the Bloo Toilet Blocks, the children have fun picking the colours. They come in blue, green, pink, purple and white. I find the blocks keep the toilets really clean, fresh and eliminate limescale with each flush.


Even before the nemesis Coronavirus struck I always kept a good stock of hand soap at every sink to keep those mucky little paws clean. You know what kids are like with touching things then putting their fingers in their mouths, germ city! I really like the Method hand soap and all of the Method cleaning products, they come in such lovely scents. With all that hand washing you’d think I would need bottle after bottle, but this soap in particular lasts for months, plus it is only a couple of pounds.


Nearly 2 years ago I worked with a lovely brand Cotton Traders. They kindly sent me 2 throws and I still use them to this day, well, we all use and fight over them. I cannot sit down of an evening or an afternoon snuggle with the kiddies without pulling the cosy throw over us. Amelie and Charlie love wrapping themselves up in a throw first thing in the morning whilst eating breakfast. These throws in particular have been through the wash and tumble dryer on countless occasions and still look brand new. I think soft furnishings really make a house a home, I do need to purchase a couple more throws though as I like to mix up the colours when heading into the brighter Spring/Summer months.

I really wanted to share the above goodies with you as I enjoy reading posts like this. I am easily influenced when it comes to home bits and cleaning products, I could spend so much money on stuff like this.


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