Top Purple Shampoos For Bleached Hair

I have been getting bleach highlights since I was around 11 years old. Over the years I’ve flitted between very dark brown almost black hair to really bright blonde hair – neither suited me. I’m quite fussy with haircare products and go through  A LOT of treatments, serums, masks, shampoo & conditioner. I have tried various brands over the years from really budget friendly products to eye-watering high end products. Obviously everyone’s hair is completely different and the result from using a haircare product varies from person to person.

I never used a purple shampoo until about 3 years ago, I just didn’t get on board with that trend. My colour was always very brassy and warm (not what I wanted) but I just thought that’s what bleached hair looked like. It wasn’t until I tried a purple shampoo did my whole haircare regime change – for the better.

Here are my favourite purple shampoos that I rotate depending on the colour of my hair.


This is a brilliant and really affordable shampoo that tones, refreshes, moisturises and protects your locks from those harmful UV rays. It really does leave your hair feeling soft and brightens up that blonde, banishing those orange/brassy tones.


This is the OG of purple shampoos and I’m sure everyone who has highlights has come across this little bottle of magic. It is so so good, you only need a little blob of this stuff. The consistency is good, not too runny and lathers really well. The results are fantastic, this shampoo removes the yellow warm tones leaving your hair bright and shiny.


This is shampoo is quite new and I only picked it up because it was on offer. When I first tried it I really didn’t like it. I found it left my hair too soft and unmanageable. The colour is extremely purple and stains your hands, tiles, floor and anything else it comes into contact with so be careful.

After my first bottle I did repurchase, only this time I used a small amount of product. It lathers up really well, smells lovely and leaves your hair a bright blonde. It is trial and error sometimes but I do like this shampoo and am currently using up my third bottle.


I swear this shampoo used to be called something different. I used this many moons ago and really liked it, although it was a bit drying. Again this one is really affordable and neutralises any brassy orange tones. It is not one I purchase often but I do like to switch up my shampoo every now and again.

As with all of the shampoos mentioned above they all leave my hair with different results. I only wash my hair once a week but do use treatments such as Olaplex, Banana Hair Food and Redkin masks. The upkeep of highlights is literally one of the biggest stresses for me. My hair doesn’t grow very fast at all and is so damaged, I tend to only have my hair highlighted a couple of times a year but I cannot stand dark roots. I’ve not yet found my perfect style – do I try to grow the colour out completely (but that could take years) or do I continue with the bleach???

I would love to know what haircare products work for you and if you have highlighted hair, how do you manage it?



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