What I’ve Been Wearing: Lockdown Edition

I love these What I’ve Been Wearing posts but haven’t actually published one in months. Just a little side note, this post was written in June during the lockdown days. All of the outfits can be adapted for any season just by adding tights and a chunky knit.


The trusty old Primark pinafore and vest top that was on repeat last summer, a favourite outfit of mine and super cute with flip flops and a straw bag. I wear this pinafore during the Autumn/Winter months with either a striped long sleeve top or roll neck, boots and tights – perfect for those cold crisp days and fab for layering.

I love this outfit and twinning with my little prinny. This is a navy skirt with pockets – I think that is the most exciting thing, who doesn’t love a skirt with a pocket!!! I teamed it with a basic long sleeved top from Primark, the skirt is Primark too but sourced from Ebay. Amelie’s outfit is from Next, she has a better wardrobe than me!


A very versatile dress from F&F. I have only worn this dress a couple of times and I also have a lovely chocolate brown version. This is a midi ribbed dress that looks quite smart, it is great for throwing on if you want to be comfy but still a little bit put together. I think this dress would be fab for heading into Autumn when it isn’t quite coat weather. I wore it last winter with tights and heeled boots for a more dressed up version.


Comfy floaty dresses for the win. I am all about feeling comfortable in my clothes, especially as I suffer from bloating. This dress is from New Look a couple of years ago, I only started to wear it this Spring/Summer as I thought it made me look really frumpy. Actually I love it now and get so many lovely compliments when wearing it. I cannot believe how dark my hair was here. I, along with half of the nation picked up a semi permanent box dye as I couldn’t bear the roots, I liked the colour for about a week then really missed my blonde. I think this mousey colour really washes me out, I have no intention of going dark again, the blonde is here to stay!


At the beginning of lockdown this was my everyday outfit choice – gym leggings, vest top and a snuggly hoodie. We were doing loads of walking through farm land and woodlands. Plus you cannot beat a cosy hoodie can you! Surprisingly, Primark do really fab hoodies that wash very well and are under £10, I will be stocking up this Autumn.


Mum life at its best and to be perfectly honest I absolutely love pottering round the house, hair up, joggers on getting on with chores. This t-shirt is from Next, it is really lightweight and perfect for just grabbing during the morning rush. Does anyone else have “cleaning clothes” or is that just me? You know, a scruffy outfit you change into when carrying out housework etc.


My go-to outfit during the whole of lockdown – gym wear. I have lived and breathed in this outfit, I really should invest in some more bits and pieces but I’m avoiding Primark.


Channelling my inner Beatle Juice here but I absolutely love this jumper dress from Topshop. It looks so cute teamed with tights, boots and a snuggly cardigan – I’m all about the layering during the cooler months. However, I have worn this dress with my Saltwater Sandals during summer. I think it would look good paired with Converse too.


There are some days where I want to look a little put together and yes, I still have the crusty mum bun but I’m a little more dressed. I love this ribbed top from H&M teamed with my ancient Peacocks denim skirt. I have this odd relationship with ribbed clothing as I think it makes me look bigger than what I am, especially in the boobage area, I used to have massive boobs but over the years of breastfeeding and losing lots of weight they seem to have disappeared.


This little number was a bit of a gamble. The sweater was originally all yellow but I saw loads of people on Instagram tie dying their clothes, so I thought I would give it a go. It turned out so well! This was taken during the middle of lockdown, with nowhere to go I would lounge in my joggers and a sweatshirt all comfy.


One of our favourite walks is round the orchards near where we live. It was a particularly hot day here so I opted for a floaty skirt from Primark, vest top and Oasis sparkly flip flops. Isn’t it strange how your taste in clothes can differ from one year to the next, I think this will be the last time I wear this outfit as I’m really not feeling the look at all.


I love finding bargains at the supermarket. This maxi dress is from George at Asda of all places, it is so light in fabric and perfect for throwing on when you don’t know what to wear. I like to wear simple casual outfits during the week when I’m in Mum Mode but make an effort at weekends.


Possibly one of my favourite dresses ever and it was found in a charity shop about 3 years ago, originally from H&M. I absolutely love wearing this dress, it is comfy and forgiving. I’m not sure if this would work during Winter, perhaps one kept for the warmer days.

That’s it for the minute. Only last week was I in boots and jumpers, I sorted through my summer clothes to store some in the garage. However, we are enjoying a wonderful September heatwave here in Somerset, it is baking outside. Not the unbearable heat that we experienced during lockdown, this is a pleasant warmth that you can enjoy.

I’ll be back soon with an Autumn outfits post as I have some beautiful knitwear, boots and bags to showcase.


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