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My Fussy Eater: What My 4 Year Old Eats In A Day

Amelie is nearly 5 and has been a fussy eater from about 14 months old. She used to eat anything I cooked for her but that soon changed when she became an independent toddler. I thought I would share what she eats in a day – this was Sunday’s food.



This is a typical day’s breakfast, Amelie always has Nutella on toast, some kind of fruit and a cup of milk. We give both our children the Haliborange vitamins and they love the chewiness of them and think it is a treat as it tastes sweet.



I cooked up some Richmond sausages this morning for my breakfast and gave Amelie 2 with a dollop of ketchup. She wolfed them down.



For lunch I made a snacky plate, here we have Ritz crackers, BBQ Cheddars, cheese, half a Granny Smith apple, houmous and a yoghurt.



As Amelie ate all of her lunch I gave her a treat. She loves these Lidl Milk Chocolate Animals.



Dinner time is one of the worst parts of the day for me, that and brushing teeth! Amelie will not eat anything like spag bol, lasagne, cottage pie, curry, stir fry, the list goes on. Tonight she had turkey kievs, pasta and peas with ketchup. She ate nearly all of it, I struggle with getting veg into her as well.



When I was a little girl my mum always gave my sister and me supper each night. I’ve carried this on with my children, so before bed Amelie had cereal. She calls them pop snackle & pops.

I hope you enjoyed my little insight into a 4 year old’s food diary. Amelie does have some school dinners during the week apparently she only likes school’s peas and roast dinner, not mummy’s.


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