What’s in my changing bag?

I love reading these sorts of posts as I’m really nosy. I have always wanted to write my own post so here goes.



The Bag

The bag I’m using is a Michael Kors tan handbag, not a changing bag. I started to use a normal handbag just before Charlie turned 2, I didn’t need too many baby items anymore now he was that little bit older. I was so fed up of lugging a huge changing bag around with hardly anything in it that I transitioned to a nicer bag. I do still have 3 changing bags which I use on long days out with both children and also I like to pack a separate bag each when we go on holiday.

The Contents

Before I get into the contents, I would just like to say I do not usually have this many treats in my bag. We spent the morning with my Mum and Sister, they always spoil both of my children with sweets, chocolate, toys etc. So this was the result of 3 hours with them.

Muslin Square – I always carry these in my bag even when I have no children with me. They are super handy for nappy changes, wiping off trollies at the supermarket, catching snot sneezes, using as bibs… the list goes on.

Nappies – I have tried so many different brands of nappies over the years and never did I think that Lidl nappies would be my favourite. To be honest when our town first got a Lidl, I was a complete supermarket snob and refused to buy anything from there. However, I am now a convert and love Lidl. The nappies are fantastic, very much like Pampers.

Wipes – I love Johnson’s baby wipes, always have and always will. I use these for everything  from cleaning mucky hands and faces to wiping down surfaces at home.

Tissues – These are Amelie’s tissues, obviously because they are Frozen ones!

Carrier Bag – I have recently started to put one in my bag as I am forever forgetting to use them, which results in me buying one every time I go shopping – annoying!

Smart Water – I’m making a conscious effort to drink more water so need a bottle with me wherever I go.

Fiorelli Purse – I have had this purse for years and love it. It doesn’t have much in it, a few coppers and cards. I’m one of those sad mums who carries a photo of the children in it just to look at sometimes when I’m away from them.

Sunglasses – I really wish I owned an expensive pair of sunglasses but sadly I don’t. I cannot justify paying out for a lavish pair while the children are still little. They like to play with them and stretch the arms. Plus I’m not that great at taking care of them, I shove them in my bag resulting in lots of scratches.

Gloves – The days are getting colder now so we had to stock up on cheap gloves.

Christmas Decoration – Don’t ask, my Mum is crazy! We had a mooch around The Range today and she saw this gorgeous gold sparkly crown, which she thought would be perfect for Amelie.

Keys – I love a keyring and I get quite a lot of comments on my fluffy ball. I bought it from Dorothy Perkins last year, it is quite handy as I can always find my keys in my bag.

Colouring Pencils – I visited my Nan at the weekend and she randomly gave me a pack of pencils she had picked up from the pub for the children.

Chewing Gum – Always have this in my bag to conceal gross coffee breath when you are chatting in the playground – ick!

The Snacks – Well, I don’t really have a great deal to say about these. As I mentioned above this was not my doing and I can assure you these treats have gone into the treat cupboard to be dished out during half term. There is a pack of raisins there though so not all bad.

And that’s your lot, nothing remotely exciting… I do have a small confession. I didn’t photograph one extra thing that was in my bag, Charlie’s lunch. We had a treat lunch today (so many bad treats) at McDonald’s. He had a hamburger happy meal but only ate a few chips so I brought the rest of it home for his daddy to scoff.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what random things you carry in your changing bag.



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