Winter Skincare Products of a Busy Mum

Now winter is in full swing I have had to change up my skincare products. I’m the laziest person ever when it comes to skincare and a routine, I find the less I put on my face the better, if I cake it in creams and serums my pores get blocked and I breakout big time. Other occasions I tend to break out are when I’m stressed or have been eating rubbish. This happened over Christmas, I got a few nasty spots on my chin and my skin was super greasy – yuk!

My Routine & Products I Use

I’ll start off with my evening routine, I have used these Johnson’s Face Care wipes for years, as I mentioned above I’m so lazy with face care so these are perfect for quickly whipping my makeup off before bed. I’m usually exhausted by bedtime and cannot be bothered with faffing around with posh expensive cleansers to take off my war paint. I have been known to take off my foundation with baby wipes and my eye makeup with baby oil as I wear waterproof mascara – the quicker the removal the better.

After I have wiped my face I use this Clean & Clear cleanser, I cannot recommend this stuff enough. If you have oily skin that feels gross at the end of the day or you have a breakout of spots, this is the cleanser for you. I feel so clean and fresh after using this and it always dries up my skin keeping it clear. I literally can’t live without this product it works so well with my skin type.

If it is not a fake tan night I will use this Olay Anti-Wrinkle night cream. I have tried so many night creams over the years and hadn’t found one that didn’t make my skin greasy before bed, ones that wouldn’t sink into my skin and ones that were thin and pointless. Until I tried this one, I’m a big fan of Olay and this one for now works well. I would say you have to use it sparingly though as it is quite thick, I put it all over my face and my neck as I’m conscious of getting a turkey neck or a Deirdre Barlow neck – no one wants that!

I have used fake tan since I was 17 and I’ve never been without it, I can’t bear the sight of my face looking pale and ill. I know not everyone is a fan of the orange fake tan look but for me it is an essential and always make me feel a little brighter. I used to use sunbeds back in the day but since having children I haven’t used them as I’m terrified of putting myself at risk of skin cancer, I wear SPF all year round and keep my high risk areas out of the sun. I know I sound over cautious and silly but I really was a sun worshiper during my teens, I even took baby oil to Greece to use in the sun and I burnt – so silly!

Anyway, if it is a fake tan night I will exfoliate, moisturise with baby lotion wait a few hours and then apply this St. Moriz in shade medium. I’ve recently had to swap over my fake tans as they were coming out really orange probably due to my pale winter skin underneath. I leave it on overnight, hop in the shower in the morning and use a tiny bit of exfoliator again to wash it off. I’ll then cleanse with the Clean & Clear.

Once I’ve cleansed I will put some eye cream on. I have a love/hate relationship with eye creams, I seriously need eye cream or botox as since having my kiddies the dark sunken circles under my eyes are hideous. The problem I have with eye cream is does it actually work? I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference since I’ve been using one and again, I don’t like the ones that are either too thick and don’t sink into your eye area or the ones that are like liquid and just smear all over my face. I thought I would try this Nip + Fab Repair Bee Sting Fix Eye Cream as it was on offer in Superdrug. I had read good things about this brand and figured with it being so expensive it must be good.

I thought I would feel my skin tingle or something as it has bee venom in it but I felt nothing. I do like it as it sinks in well and is not at all greasy. I think I will re-purchase it when the time comes, it lasts for months.

Next I use another Olay product, this one is so nice and I love that it is a combination of moisturiser and serum. It really does brighten my skin which is a bonus for any busy tired looking mum (we’ve all been there) and is a great base for my foundation. I use this all year round but only buy it when it is on offer. It has a nice consistency and soaks in well, I like that it has an SPF in it too.

I will have to adjust my routine slightly when spring arrives and maybe swap fake tans again but for now all of these products are working.

If you have any suggestions for good eye creams or night creams please do let me know as I am always on the look out for one.















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