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#60forspring Challenge with Samuel Windsor

Spring has arrived and so has the rain, which we will choose to ignore for the moment. Luckily we are escaping from the British weather for a week (I’m keeping everything crossed for a bit of sunshine) to a Spanish beach. Now is the time where we go through our existing “holiday” wardrobe, dig out what still fits and banish any items we’ve had for years. Or so you would think.

Mr K keeps hold of his clothes for years, he is comfortable in them and knows what feels right. We were contacted by leading Menswear brand Samuel Windsor to take part in an exciting #60forspring challenge. This really got us thinking and instead of me choosing an outfit I thought I would hand over the reins to Mr K.

He needed a new outfit for our holiday and given £60 to go about finding the best he could. I was dubious as I thought he would only be able to purchase one item. Could he really find an outfit for £60 that he could style with other pieces already in his wardrobe? The challenge was on…

Mr K is not a fan of trawling the shops trying on lots of clothes, he gets hot and bothered and quickly decides enough is enough. So he was pleased he could browse the Samuel Windsor website nice and comfy at home. He was a little worried about the sizing of some items but he knows roughly what would fit and anything that didn’t work out we could send back with zero fuss. There were lots of items in stock in his size which is a rarity, the choice was quite a bit more than he was expecting.

In the end he picked out a gorgeous dusky pink Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt, a smart pair of Summer Weight Chino Shorts in a sort of blue/purple and a couple of pairs of boot socks – not to be worn at the same time!! The clothes arrived in such style, the packaging was extremely secure and you could tell from the off that the clothes were going to be of a very high standard.

The polo shirt fit perfectly, the colour of it was vibrant but not too pink it would work really well with jeans, long chinos or even some smart joggers. The fit was what he expected, not big or boxy but tailored nicely, complimenting his shape. It is a more substantial material to any other polo shirt Mr K has and is going to look fab when he has a bit of a tan. This polo shirt will get worn to death, it is completely versatile and a good staple for all seasons.

I was quite surprised when Mr K chose these chino shorts especially in this colour, as he doesn’t really gravitate towards brighter shades. This is very out of his comfort zone and I’m so pleased he has taken this challenge to step away from the norm. The quality of the chino shorts is outstanding, you can tell this brand is quite luxurious and on the smarter side, which again is a positive. You know things will wash well (always a concern) and will wear well. We have two energetic children who like to climb over Mr K frequently, he also loves play fighting and tumbling around with them, so having clothes that are
durable is a big bonus.

These pieces can be dressed up for an evening out or dressed down for casual daywear, paired with some canvas shoes or even a pair of Converse. The boot socks are just what Mr K was looking for, after all, you need essentials in your wardrobe. These boot socks are thick, cosy and perfect for wearing with either wellies or work boots. Mr K struggles with finding good quality socks that will withstand lots of walking, along with keeping his feet comfy and warm. As you can see he paired them with his favourite boots, which he wears all year round.

We have really enjoyed undertaking the #60forspring challenge with Samuel Windsor and were pleasantly surprised with the range of clothing on offer and how affordable they are. Personally I think Mr K did a fantastic job of finding an outfit for our holiday for £60, he stepped out of his comfort zone and embraced a new style – he’s going to look great on holiday!


**We were gifted the items mentioned above, all words, photos and opinions are my own**

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