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An Alternative Easter Gift – Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies

With Easter just around the supermarket aisles are crammed with big fancy chocolate Easter eggs and other sweet treats. I’m all for Easter eggs and chocolate but if you have a large family (like me) you will probably be inundated with boxes of eggs, sweets, chocolates and other sugary goodies. My children get tons for Easter but I don’t buy them lots of eggs as they don’t need them and also we are still making our way through Halloween and Christmas treats.

I like to select a few non edible Easter gifts for my children and this year I have the perfect prezzie that really sparks imagination and is reusable. Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies are such a brilliant idea. In a pack you get 3 different sized bunnies (small, medium and large), colouring pens, felt sleeping bags and all the accessories you need to really create and personalise the adorable bunnies. The best part is they can be washed and re-coloured, making the fun of designing never ending.

Our Thoughts

These cute bunnies arrived when my children were recovering from a nasty sickness bug. They were a bit bored and on the hunt for an activity to do. Within the box came the bunnies which have 3 separate bags full of felt accessories to make up the bunny beds. Amelie and Charlie absolutely love crafting and using their imaginations to create, and Fuzzikins are such a great activity for children to do. As you have everything you need in the box, including card cut outs for children to colour and play with, this gift is ideal for taking on long car journeys, within your hand luggage and on lunch/dinner dates to keep the kiddies occupied.

Once the box had been opened and decisions made on who got which bunny, Amelie set about doodling a pretty pattern on her bunny and Charlie wanted to colour it all in. The pens were of good quality and didn’t run out, the colours were very visible and vibrant, you have to wait a little while for the colour to dry before you can draw on top of that colour to prevent it blending and smudging.

The children made the sleeping bags and played with the bunnies all afternoon, Charlie took his to bed with him and they both have been playing with them ever since. Amelie was keen to wash her bunny which couldn’t have been easier. I filled up a small sink full of warm soapy water, Amelie washed the bunny with her hands (no sponge needed). The colours came off really quickly without vigorous scrubbing and dried within 20 minutes all ready for colouring again.

This particular set is £9.99 which is a super price, it would make a fantastic joint Easter gift.


Disclaimer* The Fuzzikins set was kindly gifted to us in exchange for an honest review.

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