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Back To School Evening Routine

Normality and routine has been restored and we are back to our evening routine (sort of). It does take a couple of weeks to settle back in properly but I’m so pleased we have structure again.

3.15pm – School pick up.

4.00pm – 4.30pm – Dinner time, this may seem early to most but my children are hangry little monsters by this time and I’m not a fan of too many after school snacks as they will not eat their dinner.

4.30pm – 5.15pm – Free play, we use this time to pull all the toys out and have a mad time. I will join the children in playing games or reading books but they generally tell me to get lost (not in those words) as they enjoy playing their own games. So I will do the post dinner clean up, make packed lunches for the following day and get uniform sorted for the morning.

This evening Amelie decided to get the crafts out as I had stocked up on a few new bits and bobs, they spent ages cutting and gluing. As Charlie is in preschool tomorrow I got his clothes organised so I’m not faffing about in the morning.

5.15pm – 5.30pm – Supper time, my mum always gave my sister and me supper – either toast or cereal. I’ve carried this tradition on with my children, so they both had cereal before bed tonight with a cup of milk. They tend to mess around and go a bit crazy during this time ( I call it the witching hour) I tend to have to break scraps up and tell them to calm down, which always falls on deaf ears.

I like to turn the children’s beds down whilst they are scoffing and tidy up any bits they’ve forgotten.

5.50pm – I get Charlie ready for bed, it wasn’t a bath night tonight so it was PJs on, teeth, wee and into bed. Charlie is up with the birds and is shattered come 6pm. I’ve tried everything to get him to sleep longer in the mornings but nothing works, not even putting him to bed later.

6pm – Story time, we love reading books and looking at pictures and we are reading a fantastic book by Bryony Supper at the minute called The Inventing Tubes – A Pasta Kidz & Petz Adventure story. These fantastic books have been created for children aged 4 – 7 years old, the two main characters Marc Macaroni and Sarah Spaghetti – who reminds me of Amelie as she is impatient and never reads or listens to instructions – take the children on an exciting adventure. They use the inventing tubes to create an energetic pastaball who goes crazy so they need the help of the Pasta Petz, Spud and Mumbo who come to save the day in their pastamobile, it is all very exciting.

I love that Marc Macaroni comforts Sarah Spaghetti when she starts to get upset that the pastaball she created wasn’t what she wanted. He reassures her and is kind. A smile is soon put back on Sarah Spaghetti’s face when Marc Macaroni’s pastaball helps her score 4 goals, everyone is cheering and happy. But, with all the commotion going on they don’t notice the Pasta Beasties coming for them.

The illustrations in this book are bright and vivid they capture the imagination, I love big bold pictures to look at and Marc Macaroni’s hair kind of reminds me of my hair in the morning, haha!  We really enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to check out more magical adventures with the other Pasta Kidz – Felix Fusilli, Lola Lasagne, Rikki Ravioli, Camilla Cannelloni and Victor Vermicelli – how fun are these names!

6.15pm – It is lights out for Charlie – we have a chat about his day and talk about what he is doing the following day. Whilst I am putting Charlie to bed Amelie will be reading her school book with daddy. I do read with Amelie a lot but some nights she’s not into it and I get frustrated so I let Mr K take over as he has far more patience than I do.

7pm – Is bed time for Amelie, we brush teeth, go for a wee, turn her pink fairy lights on and climb into bed. I always say the same rhyme to both children before they go to sleep, again something my mum said to me:-

“Sweet dreams, God bless, love you with all my heart, see you in the morning”

“Love you to the…. stars/moon/sun/unicorns/fairies/mermaids…and back”

Our evening routine doesn’t go to plan every night but that is all part of parenting and I’ve never been mega strict on timings, I do make sure Amelie does her homework at the weekend and we always go through her tricky words and reading book every night.



Disclaimer: We were sent the fabulous Pasta Kidz & Petz, The Inventing Tubes book in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own as always.

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