Bigjigs Medieval Train Set – Review

What little child doesn’t love a wooden train set? When the Bigjigs Medieval Train Set arrived for us to review both Amelie and Charlie were squealing with excitement begging me to unbox the surprise inside.

The Medieval Train Set comes complete with everything you could possibly want for an adventure – 46 play pieces to be exact. Each individually wrapped in paper and packaged so well that when my children were opening it all up they said it was like Christmas. There were Knights, a King, a Queen, a Wizard, trees, flags and so many more pieces that had excellent attention to detail, I particularly liked the fact that on the reverse of the wooden figures Bigjigs had even thought to add the figure’s back. I thought this was a nice touch to add as opposed to a blank canvas.

Charlie and Amelie set to work piecing together the track and castle, we did ask daddy for some assistance and the track was put together in no time. The children were very keen to get playing and making up scenarios about the Knights kidnapping the King and Queen, holding them in the tower/castle until the Wizard was able to free them.

We have played with the train set every day for nearly 3 weeks, it is extremely robust and not one flake of paint has come off the figures. Charlie had great fun in taking the track apart using his imagination to create a track of his own. The train that comes with this set has two carriages, one that transports the golden treasure and another that holds a ferocious dragon. The train goes along the track easily and is good for little hands to grasp.

This set is a nice size and all the accessories stay together, you have the option of expanding the train set with other toys from the Bigjigs range and maybe creating a whole land. We are huge fans of wooden toys in our house as they are so reliable and they look good too. The Medieval Train Set has been a big hit with friends that have come over ranging in age from 3 up to 10 years old, so it really is a toy that will last which makes it excellent value for money.

Charlie has really used his imagination whilst playing with this train set, the tales I’ve heard when listening to him play have been hilarious.



Disclaimer: We were sent the Bigjigs train set to review, all thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.

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