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Birthday Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy

What on earth do you buy a 4 year old boy who is into everything?? Well, I’m here to help out, I have a selection of great gift ideas.


I’m starting with a different kind of gift first as I think this is just as important as a present. Cards – you have to get it right! Hallmark have a fantastic selection of birthday cards for little ones and you cannot go wrong with choosing a superhero card to impress the biggest Avengers or Marvels fan. The cards are of excellent quality and come in an array of designs, they have cards to; Grandson, Brother, Son, Cousin and Nephew. Charlie is obsessed with Hulk Smash, Ironman, Spiderman and the Joker so I know he will love the Ironman card I have chosen for him.


Letterbox cakes are a genius idea, who doesn’t love to receive a gift through the post and what better gift than a chocolate cake popping through your letterbox. bakerdays offer a great collection of children’s birthday letterbox cakes, you can choose any design you like that is on their website, add a photo of the birthday boy/girl, personalise it with your own message and choose the flavour of the sponge you wish to send. Charlie was beyond excited to receive his very own Hulk Smash chocolate cake with his name on, when we opened the box we were surprised to find a cute card, candles, balloons and a party blower – what a fantastic gift idea. It shows that a little more thought has gone into the gift and you can share it with friends, I am going to take Charlie’s cake to dinner with us so we can light the candles and celebrate together.

If you have a special occasion coming up I have a brilliant bakerdays cakes 15% discount code especially for you, just use the code MUMMYBUTSTILLME15 at the checkout. This offer ends on 30th April 2018.

Smyths Ride On Police Bike

Originally we were going to get Charlie a new tablet for his main present but he has asked for a police bike that lights up and has a siren. So I took to Google to find the perfect bike, I found this super one from Smyths it looks so cool, I cannot wait to see Charlie’s face when he opens it.

Orchard Toys Puzzle

Just lately Charlie and I have been sitting down together to do a puzzle, he has a few and even has some on an app I downloaded. He is really good at them and likes the challenge so I thought I would pick him up a couple of new puzzles to get to grips with. I love Orchard Toys as a brand, we have lots of their games and they are really family friendly.

Phlat Ball V3

If you are stuck for a gift idea then I can recommend the Phlat Ball V3. Charlie received one for Easter and hasn’t stopped playing with it, I bought one for my brother last year and he loves it too. It is a great little gadget that turns from a flat disc into an easy to catch ball when you throw it, it is brilliant to pop in the bag for trips to the park or beach as carrying a massive football around with you is no fun. It is really affordable at just £6 so makes an ideal small gift, they do come in bigger sizes and lots of colours.

I hope I have given you some inspiration, not your traditional birthday gift ideas but I think keeping it varied, you can buy these gifts for any child really and it is not just limited to birthdays.


Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post, all words and opinions are my own.

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