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Birthday Gift Ideas for a 6 Year Old Girl

A birthday in January is always tricky, children get lots of gifts for Christmas and so ideas for birthday presents can often be challenging. Fear not, I have a fantastic gift guide for you – not just for a January birthday – aimed at what to buy a 6 year old girl.


You cannot go wrong with an LOL Surprise doll, these are a firm favourite in our house and I always tell people to buy one for Amelie if they need gift ideas as there are so many to collect and she loves them. These dolls are getting increasingly popular and collections are rapidly growing, you can even get glitter LOL Surprise dolls, LIL Sister dolls, bath fizzes and Pets now. But, if you aren’t sure what the fuss is all about then let me explain.

LOL Surprise is a plastic ball of excitement, there are 7 layers of wrapping just waiting to be torn off. Under each plastic strip lays a range of clues for your child to uncover, these clues give hints as to which LOL doll you will receive at the end. Children are able to open the blind bags to see what is inside from stickers, charms an outfit, shoes and accessories, once they reach the ball itself there awaits the LOL doll. Once you have your fashion doll feed your doll with her water bottle to discover if she cries, wees or spits. Bathe her in cold water to see if she colour changes, this activity will keep your children entertained for hours it is so much fun and really exciting. The enchanting ball can be used as a bath playset, carry purse, doll display or a doll hangout. You can find LOL dolls at all good toys stores as well as supermarkets.


Num Noms Smell So Delicious is a really lovely gift for that girly girl. Amelie is obsessed with make up and lig glosses so this is a perfect present. The set comes in a handy carry case which houses 12 Num Nom characters including a mystery Num Nom and glitter lipgloss. Your child will love swapping the characters over and playing with them, the scents are super scrumptious it fills the whole room. There are a number of series for your child to collect ranging from small packs to the larger collections and are suitable from age 3+.

HEELY’S – £39.95

Heely’s are a great alternative to roller skates for children. These particular Heely’s are ideal for beginners as they come with 2 wheels on each shoe making it ideal for learning and stability. I often see children zooming around the supermarket aisles wearing Heely’s and worry they may crash into something but the 2 wheeled shoes make it fun and fast, at a reasonable speed. I love the design of the shoe they are extremely well made and come in an array of cool designs with a waffle grip which keeps the shoe firmly on the floor when you aren’t skating. Getting to grips with Heely’s is a little tricky but once your child has cracked it they will be whizzing around in no time. The wheels are removable and come with wheel plugs and a removal tool to convert the Heely’s into a normal shoe, I think these are a great gift and excellent value for money as you are getting the best of both worlds – new shoes and skates in one!


I realise this is quite a “big” gift, however, we have bought this for Amelie for her birthday. It is from The Early Learning Centre and was such a bargain we couldn’t not buy it. Originally I think it was either £180 or £150 (far too expensive) but we got it for £50 in the January sales. I have wanted to get a proper wooden dolls house for a while now I wanted one big enough to fit Barbies in as well as LOLs, Sylvanian Families etc as both of my children spend hours playing house. I was so pleased to have found this particular dolls house but unfortunately it is now out of stock. There are some amazing dolls houses around especially the Chad Valley one from Argos – this was my second choice. I know this gift will last years and will be played with daily so I think it is really good value for money.


Gelli Baff is a fun little gift for any child, everywhere you go there seems to be an addiction to slime at the moment both of my children are obsessed with slime. Gelli Baff turns bath water into goo and back again, what an exciting and fun time children will have. I have never tried it so am excited to see how gooey the water goes, it is 100% safe and non irritant which is great as my kiddies have sensitive skin.


I adore this Personalised Birthday Interview book by Loved By Olivia, it starts from your child’s first birthday and goes up until they are 18. The book has lots of questions in that you ask them every year and has a space for a photo of them on that particular birthday and also a box for them to write their name, how lovely is that. It is something they are able to keep forever to look back on.


This gift idea is so cool and really something that I would never have thought of. Young Driver have designed a car especially for children aged between 5 and 10 years old, it is called the Firefly Car. Lessons are 20 minutes long and offer children the chance to drive around on a private road, we are booked in to test out the Firefly in March and I will be doing a whole blog post all about our experience. But this adventure is not just for youngsters, children aged between 10 and 17 years old can get behind the wheel of a real Vauxhall Corsa for a lesson. This is such a fun activity and as well as it being exciting it teaches a valuable lesson on road and pedestrian safety. We cannot wait to go cruising!

I hope I have given you some inspiration, there are some great gifts above.


Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post, all opinions and words are my own.

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  • Lisa

    A big yes for all of the above apart from the heelie’s. My daughter doesn’t need any help in falling over wearing normal shoes. I dread to think what she’d be like in a pair of these!

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