Christmas Eve Basket 2017

From an early age my mum would buy my sister and myself new pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve. We were also allowed to open one present from under the tree, we never had a Christmas Eve Basket as that wasn’t a “thing” back in the 80s. However, over the years since becoming a parent I’ve heard more and more about these festive pre Christmas treats for children and I love it. For the past few years I’ve left out an array of goodies to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve and the children always have new jammies, this year I’ve certainly gone all out with the treats.

The Christmas Eve Basket is left by our Elf – we have two this year – as a sort of leaving gift. Only on Christmas Eve are the children allowed to touch their elves and play with them all day, they will then leave them on the fireplace for Father Christmas to take them back to the North Pole in his sleigh.

Here is what I’ve put in our Christmas Eve Basket.

As you can see it is pretty full but it isn’t a huge basket and all of the goodies inside can be enjoyed by everyone.

We have the adorable Itty Bitty’s Christmas edition which I mentioned in my Children’s Stocking Fillers Guide. I’ve also included a proper bottle for Father Christmas to have his milk (beer probably) in as I think it is better than leaving one of my glasses for him, just in case it gets tipped over.

I picked up this lollipop kit ages ago from Tesco as I thought it would be a great activity for the children to do maybe after Christmas when we have that lul of a week, where nothing happens.

My kiddies are obsessed with watching Trolls the movie, we all love the songs and it is a really uplifting movie. So when I saw this Holiday edition I was all over it, I’m so cross it was on Channel 5 last weekend though but thankfully we were out so didn’t see it.

We aren’t your traditional family who sit together at the table for meals, although when we move we are most certainly going to be doing that as we will hopefully have a Kitchen/Family Room. Anyway, I bought this colour your own table cloth for over the festive period as both of my two love colouring.

A good festive book is essential for the night before Christmas as is a plate for Father Christmas. We love hot chocolate with marshmallows so will be enjoying a cup during the day.

New pyjamas are the best, I do love the Christmas pyjamas but I want a pair the children can wear all year round. These gorgeous ones are from H&M and so reasonable, I can’t wait to see my little monkeys all cosy on Christmas Eve.

I’m not sure if everyone sprinkles reindeer food but this is a tradition in our house, we go outside and watch Father Christmas fly over us in the sky then sprinkle the reindeer food, it adds to the magic and the children love it.

Now for the good stuff – chocolates and treats! Amelie is a huge fan of popcorn and loves nothing more than settling down on the sofa with a huge bowl of popcorn. Butterkist is her absolute favourite, we had no idea there were scrumptious new flavours to try. I cannot wait to steal a bowl of the salted caramel and I think the choco marshmallow bag would go down a treat with a nice cuppa.

Chocolates by Eloise are divine bites of handmade Belgian chocolate joy. Produced by two sisters from South London, Chocolates by Eloise cater for every taste bud. How cute are these Christmas puddings they come in a little box which is a gorgeous touch. I think these chocolates would make an excellent last minute pressie to add under the tree, there is a mouth watering range to choose from and some alternative combinations. The chocolate is smooth and moreish, like velvet. I love chocolate especially when so much thought has gone into making them, they aren’t like any other chocolates I’ve tried.

Now, with all the excitement and sugar that comes with Christmas, especially Christmas Eve we all hope our children will calm down for a good night’s sleep. I will be limiting the treats they consume and will have a countdown to bed routine. This will include having a shower, hair wash, getting into their new pjs, putting on Santa Claus the Movie and getting snuggly together on the sofa. I will also be making a cup of the Snoozy Fox Tea, comprising of Camomile, Spearmint and Lavender – how calming. Snoozy Fox Tea by Small & Wild, is caffeine free and perfect for children as it is 100% natural and there are no hidden nasties in there and the best part is, the tea is coloured blue by blue pea flowers.

Small & Wild are a fab company set up by two mums with a passion for tea. They have a lovely range of quirky named teas for little ones, the designs on the boxes of tea are super cute and would appeal to all.

Let me know if you do a Christmas Eve Basket or Box and if so, what do you put in it?



Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post, all words and opinions are my own.

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