Lucy Sing and Dance – Club Petz (Review)

Lucy is the gorgeous yappy pup that all children love to play with. She is now back with extra tricks – she sings and dances!

When we received Lucy Sing and Dance, Amelie and Charlie were so excited and couldn’t wait to unbox her. With the latest version of Lucy, you can download a free app for added fun. Of course you can still operate her by using voice commands but we were keen to download the app and find out what she could do.

Lucy has two modes, the voice command mode and the app. Downloading the app was very simple and really quick, you need to press Lucy’s ear and hold until she barks twice in order to sync the app to Lucy which is fine. Lucy sings and dances in response to 20 commands, when you open the app you are met with a home screen with four options to click on:- Commands, Dance, Selfie with Lucy and Rewards.

If you click on Commands this will take you to another screen with pictures of Lucy and the command you want her to undertake below. A few fun ones we tried out were:-

  • On Your Head
  • Eat
  • Give Me A Kiss (Charlie’s favourite command)
  • Shake Hands
  • Dance
  • Sing

The app is so child friendly and easy to navigate, Charlie is 3 and could master it in seconds. The Dance option is just brilliant as you can create your very own dance routine for Lucy to follow. This was the children’s favourite activity, they spent ages working out dance moves for Lucy and loved watching the routine magically transmit over to Lucy. You can also take a selfie with Lucy which puts your face in a cute frame next to Lucy’s.

If you want to use the voice command you simply turn Lucy on but don’t press her ear just say ‘Lucy’ and she will bark once then say the command you wish Lucy to carry out. If you press her ear too much she will go into the app mode and become unresponsive to voice commands.

What did we think?

Well, it was obvious from the start the children would love Lucy and they did, I definitely think the app mode gets the best out of Lucy as there are so many options to play with. It was easy to set up so that’s good for us parents who have eager beavers wanting Lucy to work straight away and you don’t have to supervise when the children are using the app as there are no adverts or uninvited pop-ups.

Charlie, being a boisterous boy can be quite rough when playing with toys and Lucy has been thrown around and Hulk smashed a few times but she is so robust and has stood the test of time. Amelie has brushed Lucy’s fur and put her to bed with her babies, which is lovely for role play.

I would certainly recommend Lucy to other parents, she is entertaining and provides hours of fun.



Disclaimer: We were sent Lucy to review, all words and opinions are my own.


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