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Cry Babies Magic Tears are the latest sensation for the littles to collect, love and play with. This collection sees the sweetest little babies dressed as adorable animals cry real tears and have an enchanting story awaiting.

If your children are like mine, and enjoy tearing open blind bags, ripping open secret compartments and hoarding accessories, they will absolutely love the Magic Tears range from IMC Toys.

We were very kindly sent 3 Cry Babies Magic Tears, the children were beyond excited when they arrived in their cute blind Bottle Houses.

So, what do you get inside? Each Bottle House comes with 1 baby doll (there are 24 to collect this AW Series 1), there are 6 exciting accessories to be found behind the cardboard doors, if you are lucky enough you will find a golden accessory behind the surprise door.

Amelie and Charlie couldn’t wait to tear open the wrapping and discover which Cry Baby they received. The first to pop out was Fibi, Charlie was over the moon to discover it was a little frog waiting for him. Fibi came with a bottle, a bow, a golden dummy, a chair and 2 other accessories specifically chosen for that particular baby. There’s a handy little poster for the children to tick off which baby they have collected.

To make the babies cry you simply fill their little bottle with water and pop it in their mouths, fill up their heads, squeeze and down fall the magic tears.

Next up was the gorgeous Lea in her leopard print get up. She also came with some fab accessories, the bottle and chair come as standard with the babies. And lastly was Nala the cute little striped tiger. Amelie and Charlie have had lots of fun playing with these new additions and as a parent I think they are extremely good value for money. To be honest I was expecting the dolls to be tiny and the houses to not have much in them but I was really surprised to see that you get a substantial sized doll and the accessories are great.

To add extra excitement to the imagination the Cry Babies magically come to life starring in their very own adventures on Youtube, where their magic tears bring objects to life, you can also watch episodes of ‘Cry Babies Magic Tears’ world through their own website.

Would I recommend Cry Babies Magic Tears to other parents? Yes, is the short answer. They are perfect for a birthday present or even a stocking filler if you are thinking that far ahead (like me), they retail at £9.99 and are available from all good retailers.



Disclaimer: We received the Cry Babies Magic Tears in exchange for an honest review.

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