Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal Rachel – Review

Let me introduce Rachel the gorgeous new Fingerlings Narwhal. Rachel is one of the newest additions to the Fingerlings family she is a unicorn of the sea and is utterly adorable.

All of the Narwhal unicorn Fingerlings have a special horn that lights up and changes colour when you interact with them. The cute little creatures are a perfect fit for your little one’s fingers, they will be mesmerised for hours petting and cooing over them.

We were very kindly sent this particular Fingerlings Narwhal to review and what better location to review a unicorn of the sea than in Spain! I packed this treat for Amelie in my hand luggage and gave it to her to keep her occupied around the pool and at the beach. To say she was excited was an understatement, unicorns are all the rage these days and most children are obsessed with them. I’ll be honest, there were arguments, squabbles and bickering over who got to play with Rachel the Narwhal, Charlie was equally as keen to get his sandy little hands on her.

The design is very cute, she has pink glitter on her wings, tail and spotty head. When Amelie was petting the Narwhal she made sweet little cooing noises, flapped her tail and blinked her eyes. Her little mood horn would light up when she was happy, Amelie thought it was hilarious that when Rachel gave her magical kisses she made a kissy noise and if you continue to hold your lips or cheek against her she would go on with a MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaah! noise. Obviously both children kept on doing this, but I thought it was a really great feature.

The Fingerlings overall are really robust and well made, we have a few now and they all get played with but wear well. One of the best features is that they come with batteries so you don’t have to worry faffing about trying to find the right sort of battery, they are ready to go. They are small and light enough to pack in your day bag especially when the children want you to carry them. Both Amelie and Charlie loved playing with Rachel the unicorn Narwhal on holiday and since she has joined Amelie’s dolls house along with the Fuzzikins we reviewed last month.


Disclaimer: We were sent the Fingerlings Unicorn Narwhal in exchange for an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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