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It is sadly that time of year again where every little germ rises from hibernation and attaches itself to everything, the winter bugs are upon us and I for one will try anything to prevent getting sick. We have not had the best start to the school year, since September our household has suffered from sickness bugs, tonsillitis, ear infections, croup, high temperatures, viral hives/rashes, colds and coughs.

There are lots of vitamins and supplements on the shelves and it is hard to get your head around which one to choose. My children are fussy and do not like the hard crunchy vitamins, they find the chewy ones a bit too sweet and will not touch a probiotic drink. So I was really excited to be contacted by BioCare to try out their new Children’s Red Berry BioMelts.

BioMelts are individual sachets of probiotic with vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system. These handy little red sachets are perfect for the mad morning rush, you simply pour them onto your child’s tongue and they melt instantly. Amelie and Charlie loved pouring these into their mouths and it was an easy fuss free way of getting the goodness into them without any drama. The BioMelts are suitable from age 3 years upwards and contain no artificial colours or flavours, are suitable for vegetarians, diary free and you do not need to put them in the fridge.

Now the children are sorted what about us poor parents who also suffer the unwanted bugs and germs that do the rounds. Well, there is a great probiotic for adults too, Everyday BioAcidophilus. These probiotics do not need to be refrigerated and are perfect to pop in your bag if you are on the go or travelling. You are able to take these during pregnancy and also alongside antibiotics.

BioCare have kindly offered one of my readers a chance to win 3 boxes of each supplements – perfect for the Winter months! To be in with a chance of winning simply enter via the Gleam App below, the competition will end on Wednesday 31st January 2018.

Best of luck!

BioCare Adult & Child Supplements Giveaway


  1. Early winter I prepare a jar of fresh honey lemon and ginger to keep me going throughout the winter. You chop up some slices of fresh lemon and grate fresh ginger into an empty jam jar. Fill with honey and put in the fridge. Then when you want a cup of honey, lemon and ginger tea you just take a couple of spoonfulls out and put into a cup of hot water 🙂

  2. To try an keep the bugs away we keep fit and healthy, with plenty of fresh air to blow out the cobwebs! When colds threaten then its warm milk, honey and a pinch or turmeric! But saying all of that with a two year old and seven year old..the lurgy is a frequent visitor to our house!

  3. As I’ve suffered a tummy bug at New Year and now have been struck down with the flu, I obviously need to take some vitamins!

  4. Always wash your hands, especially after a shopping trip. My little ones are forever bringing the lurgey home. I also use hand sanitisers x

  5. The most important thing I do is wash my hands really thoroughly any time I think I might have been in contact with germy surfaces or people.

  6. Gut health is my top priority – since I started taking probiotics regularly, eating lots of fermented foods & a plant-based diet I have been in brilliant health.

  7. i work shift so i have a lower immune system (all shift worker do) but i use hand gel all the time to kill the bugs, hopefully

  8. We maintain a healthy diet and eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables a day & I make sure the kids wash and dry our hands well and frequently.

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