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Go Ape Tree Top Junior – Haldon Forest, Devon

The summer holidays are intense to say the least, I don’t know about you but my children seem to have an endless supply of energy and cannot sit still. So, I was super happy to have been invited to Go Ape to test out the newest arrival to the high ropes – Tree Top Junior.

Tree Top Junior is nestled in the stunning grounds of Haldon Forest with fantastic views of Dartmoor National Park an epic adventure for all the family. This latest addition to the Go Ape Ariel course is ideal for children over 1m tall (there is no age limit), it is the perfect summer holiday activity to keep the whole family entertained.

Upon arriving we were checked in and given instructions to read, once it was our time slot we headed down into the forest where an instructor explained to Amelie and Mr K about the course, safety instructions and how to use the harness clip. At the start you are given a wrist band and a time is written on there, you have an hour to complete the course but have to complete the practice beams first. Here you are taught how to pull the cable along and how to manoeuver yourself around the ropes, it is a really easy to use safety system and you are attached at all times.

Now to begin swinging through the trees in the rain, there are a number of wobbly bridges to challenge you as well as stepping logs, criss-cross platforms that test your balance and to finish there is an epic 73m zip wire to charge down.

Our Thoughts

Obviously it is a bit nerve-wracking for a 6 year old to see this huge world of high ropes attached to trees above their head but I think enjoyment and excitement overtakes. Once the first steps are out of the way Amelie was charging ahead of her dad, he had a tough time of keeping up with her. The first course is the lowest of the ropes to ease you in slightly, Amelie whizzed round and you could see her confidence growing, she was loving every minute.

Once up in the canopy amongst the tree tops things got interesting and Amelie’s balance and coordination were really tested, she didn’t fall once and found moving herself around the ropes easy. There were a few hairy moments when she got a bit scared but it was great Mr K was behind her encouraging her to proceed.

To be honest watching from the ground was easy for me but I think if I were doing the course I would be screaming with fear. Once you finish a course you get to ride the awesome zip wire, I didn’t think Amelie would do it but she jumped off the edge smiling and waving as she soared above us. They completed the course and returned to the forest ground with pure joy on their faces, once the harness was off and times were written down we headed back to the log cabin to collect a certificate.

It is a real sense of achievement for the little ones, they come off the zip wire feeling elated, like they can conquer anything which is so fantastic to see how much confidence they have. I was so proud of Amelie as she has never completed anything like this, she showed how grown up she was by listening to instructions as well as carrying them out. Even Mr K said he felt out of his comfort zone and thoroughly enjoyed the high ropes especially the zip wire.


Disclaimer: We were kindly invited by Go Ape to try out the new high ropes, all words and opinions are my own.

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