Keeping Germs At Bay With Milton Antibacterial Products

As a family we often eat out, either at a pub, café, soft play or just in the park. I’m very conscious about sticky tables, grotty high chairs and mucky hands, so I always carry hand gel and wipes with me.

Milton very kindly sent me some antibacterial surface wipes and antibacterial hand gel to try out. Milton is celebrating over 70 years of protecting babies from germs with their sterilisation and hygiene products. They have an extensive range of items such as washing up liquid, hand gel, surface wipes and surface spray to use around the house and whilst you are out and about. I used to use the spray and also the wipes when the children were little as Amelie had a dummy which would always end up chucked on the floor, but with a wipe I knew it would be clean and not germy.

The surface wipes are so handy to keep in your handbag, I used them last weekend when we went out for breakfast. I can’t stand the icky tables in the pub so out popped the wipes and within a minute it was clean and 99.9% germ free. You could also use them to wipe out high chairs as these also get very mucky from other children. I used the wipes at home to clean the children’s toys as they can get dusty and a bit dirty, but they aren’t just for using on the kiddie’s things, I have gone all over the house wiping down surfaces, door handles, mobile phones and kitchen cupboards as this time of year is rife for the children being at school bringing home all kinds of bugs and I could really do without any more colds and tummy upsets.

I love the hand gel and will certainly be repurchasing it, I’m one of those mums who is obsessed with the children having clean hands. The thought of them being at soft play or school playing then putting their fingers in their mouths makes my tummy turn. There are so many nasty bugs going around they spread rapidly. So we use hand gel often and I always keep one in every handbag, one by the toilet and also one in the car just in case – sounds dramatic but looking after poorly children is no fun! Plus it is good to get children into the habit of washing their hands or putting hand gel on.

I would certainly recommend these products to other parents and even grand parents, especially as the weather is changing and flu season is upon us.


Disclaimer: I was sent the above products by Milton for review, all words and opinions are my own.

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