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Kids Halloween Party Guide

I’ve been to a fair few Halloween parties in my time, I even hosted one at my house many moons ago. However, now I’ve got children gone are the days of endless shots, vodka jellies and risky Halloween costumes! Planning a children’s Halloween party can be just as much fun and so exciting, you can go as crazy as you like with decorations, treats, spooky games, fun themed foods and scary or cute costumes. There are some fantastic products on the market at the moment to cater any frightful party this Halloween, I’ve complied a guide of my favourite items, tips, tricks and ideas that may come in handy if you are throwing a Kids Halloween party this October.


Possibly the most fun of all props for a Halloween party – the decorations! Whilst trawling the internet looking for the perfect decs, I came across a website I have used previously for birthday party wear called PartyDelights. They have an extensive range of decorations but they have a specific section for Kids Halloween parties, the pieces are not scary but really fun which I think is great. There really is no limit when it comes to the theme of the party, you could go all out orange and black with pumpkins and spiders invading the house or you could go traditional purple, black and green with witches, cauldrons, ghosts and spooky monsters. When you are finished using the decorations you can easily store them for next year, that’s what I do with my decorations, I add new bits as soon as the shops stock them. Of course if you want to get the children involved in making decorations Pintrest have some brilliant ideas that may come in handy over the half term.


When I was little a Halloween costume was simply a black bin liner, a cardboard witches hat with orange or green hair attached to it, glow up witch fingers and a devil’s fork (I was an 80s child). Nowadays the costumes for Halloween are amazing there is so much choice from witches to zombies – the shops have them all. I particularly like this skull bow tie by Dobell, I think it would look fantastic put with a vampire costume or simply put with a white smart shirt – how cute! A costume is essential when attending a party, but you don’t have to spend a fortune either, the supermarkets do some really affordable outfits for children. Another place to look is in charity shops or online selling pages.

Fun Foods & Drinks

My favourite subject – party food! Lets face it, from experience and every children’s party I’ve ever been to, kids do not eat the carrot sticks and houmous. I have found that less is certainly more when it comes to catering for a children’s party, so why not set out large jars and fill them with orange cheese puffs to look like little pumpkins and another with wiggly jelly worms. You could make spooky banana ghosts by cutting a banana in half and popping it onto a lolly stick then put two chocolate chip eyes on. You could also fill a bowl with cocktail sausages and put a sign on the bowl calling them ‘Dead man’s fingers’. Another suggestion for party food could be themed mini pizzas, they are easy to make and you could put frightful faces on them. You want to feed the children but go easy on the sugar as they will be hyped up enough, save the sugar for the treat bags at the end.

In terms of Halloween drinks, a fruit punch bright in colours with a few eyeball ice cubes would work well. As would milk in a plastic milk bottle, you could add black eyes and a scary mouth to the outside of the bottle. This would also work with orange juice in a bottle, add a pumpkin face to the outside and add a funky straw.

Games & Music

No party would be complete without games and music and a Halloween party is the perfect opportunity to get the kiddies interacting. My go-to for music would be YouTube as they have an extensive range of children’s Halloween songs.

Here are a few low cost games for everyone to play:-

Ghost Bowling – Set out 6 plastic white cups with black eyes and a mouth drawn on, you will need to stack the cups and get an orange also with a pumpkin face drawn on to use as a ball. 

Apple Bobbing – A classic Halloween game for all.

Spider Races – Use straws to blow lightweight plastic spiders across the floor, whoever gets to the finishing line first wins.

Monster Stomp – Use orange balloons to create a pumpkin patch, get the children to stomp on the balloons to find the prizes. You could put small toys or sweets inside the balloons before blowing them up.

Mummy Wrap – Set the kiddies into teams, they then have to wrap someone up as quick as they can as a mummy using toilet roll, whoever wins gets a prize.

Monster Statues – A classic party game with a twist of horror.


Crafts are always a good option when you need to quieten the vibe down a little. Children love getting creative, you could set out a table espeically for crafts. Why not try Pencil Eraser Ghosts or Bat Silhouettes by Mum, That’s Me, these are easy to follow crafts that the children can take home.

Pumpkin carving is a classic activity especially carving the little pumpkins, you could have a competition as to who has the scariest pumpkin face.

We were recently sent a BoxHead to review and I think this would be a perfect craft for any Halloween party. My children spent ages colouring in the squares to design their very own Halloween themed BoxHead, they took in turns creating each side with pens, pencils and crayons. They came up with a monster face and also a scary pumpkin. This is such a great idea not just for parties but also for rainy days, long car journeys and play dates as the BoxHead flat packs neatly. There is a free template to download and print off on the BoxHead website if you are looking for inspiration.

Treat Bags

A must for the end of any party but especially as it is a Halloween party, the guests will need a Trick or Treat bag. I have a how-to on party cones that you could use but swap out the colours I’ve used for ghoulish popcorn, green monster smarties and creepy jelly sweets.

Of course all of the above can be created for Halloween itself, I will be decorating my house, dressing the children up and also doing lots of crafts with them over half term.

I hope you all have a super Halloween.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, all words and opinions are my own.

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