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Who remembers milk being delivered by the Milkman? We never bought milk from a shop when I was younger it was always delivered to our doorstep whilst we slept. I remember the frozen top of the milk bottle (that was the best part) and being told off for using too much on my cereal. Nowadays we buy milk and other essentials at the supermarket and gone are the days of Milkmen – or so I thought.

When milk&more got in touch to see if I would like a month’s worth of fresh milk delivered by the Milkman I quickly replied yes! I had not heard of milk&more before so was intrigued as to what the service entailed. If I’m honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I thought it would be expensive, unreliable and I was a little wary about giving my address to a stranger.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, milk&more use local Milkmen to deliver 200 products to over 600,000 UK homes, you can order every day essentials such as groceries, fruit & veg, household goods, toilet roll and even compost as well as milk of course. There is no minimum order and no delivery charge. The service is extremely flexible orders can be amended online up until 9pm the evening before your next delivery and they deliver 6 days a week. Setting up an account is simple and quick as is choosing your days for delivery, the website is very user friendly and informative.

Okay, so what are my thoughts? When I opened the front door on the day of my first delivery I was really surprised to see that there were 2 bottles of fresh milk glistening in the light. I explained to Amelie and Charlie that the Milkman had delivered these to us and they were so excited as they had never seen this before. Well that was it, from then on they would be dashing to the door to see if we had milk outside, they loved creeping out in the dark to collect the bottles for me. I’m not sure what time the milk was delivered but every arranged delivery date, the milk was there.

I think milk&more provide an excellent service, it is such a great idea to have something like this and I think it would appeal to a lot of parents and the elderly. It is fuss free, quick and reliable. During the four weeks that I received milk Charlie was really poorly resulting in an ambulance being called, I was unable to leave him to pop to the shops for essentials like bread milk etc so I was thankful for my order as it meant I didn’t have to stress that I had no milk in the house or worry that I would have to bundle him up to go to the shops. I like the fact that you do not need to pay up front or need to leave cash outside, my bill is prepared every month and I pay by direct debit. You can set up regular orders and milk&more even provide seasonal produce such as Christmas food, Hampers, Advent Calendars and Easter Eggs which you can order as a one off.

I will certainly be keeping my account active as you never know when you might be stuck with no cash in the house or you are unable to leave the house due to illness. Keeping the fridge stocked is essential when you have children with milk especially, so knowing that you have peace of mind with just a click of a button you can order all of the important groceries takes the stress out of making time to nip to the supermarket.


Disclaimer: This is a product/service review, all words and opinions are my own.

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