Mum Hacks – Tanith Carey

Being a parent to however many children you are constantly chasing your tail. What with housework, school runs, baby/toddler groups, play dates, unexpected visitors, etc etc – us parents are run ragged. I’m certainly all for making my life easier and the Mum Hacks book by Tanith Carey is a little bible of brilliance. There are a number of things on my “newborn essentials” list and this is certainly one of them, I will be passing this book onto other harassed parents.

Mum Hacks is as you would expect, 160 pages of time saving tips to assist any situation at any stage of parenthood. There are newborn, weaning, toddler meal time hacks that are invaluable. As my children are that little bit older I found the household, potty training, travelling, birthdays, school run hacks the most useful.

For example, who knew you could poach an egg in a cup in the microwave!? This was honestly one of my favourite hacks (I’m sad, I know). The cooking hacks were great and I’ve now invested in a pizza tray for my oven. If you are looking to de-clutter the house or children’s bedrooms there are some fab tips on how to do this and it applies to all ages as well so it is not limited to a specific age range which again is of use.

Being a mum to a 5 year old I was very interested in the Behaviour hacks as we struggle with this at times. Maybe it is an age thing, I don’t know, so these hacks came in handy and I will put them into practice when the time arises. This book isn’t just a read once shove under the sofa kind of book it is more like a tool to keep referring back to time and time again.

Another favourite of mine was the “Useful School Run Coat” I found this appropriate as I always bang on about a “mum coat” to my friends and how much I hate them but how practical they are. I will have to invest in a waterproof coat especially for the school run as I now see this as a staple to my wardrobe.

The Christmas section was also brilliant it gives lots of organisational tips and options to have a stress free Christmas.

The author of this book has literally thought of every single situation and event ever to assist with leading a hassle free life in this crazy journey of parenthood and goodness knows I welcome any hacks I can find.


Disclaimer: I was sent Mum Hacks to review, all thoughts, words and opinions are my own.

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