My Mummy is a Scientist – Book Review

“My mummy is a Scientist; curious, keen and smart.

Her job is so exciting, I don’t know where to start.”

My Mummy is a Scientist is a wonderful book for children age 3 – 7 years old. This book is one of three books in a series by Butterfly Books, a brother sister team who write books for children aiming to transform the way in which they perceive various careers.


I particularly like these stories as they leave you feeling empowered, like you can accomplish any dream you have. I think it is important for little children to know that mummy can do any job she wants to whether it is a career as a Plumber, Engineer, Scientist or Post Woman. The story is easy flowing, I like rhyming books that aren’t too complicated for children to follow, they are interested in the words and you will find lots to chat about when looking at the pictures.

If you are looking for that extra Christmas gift I would recommend any of the books above, they are a great addition to our book collection. My 5 (nearly 6) year old loved reading these and thought it was great that there were a few interesting facts within the stories, the illustrations were fun and exciting for young minds, it left my daughter feeling very inspired.


Disclaimer: I was sent the above books to review, all words and opinions are my own.

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