Party Bags & Supplies Review

Having recently just planned and organised my first ever 5th birthday party I can honestly say I wish I got a party pack with everything all organised for me. I will remember this in future should I hold any more parties for Amelie and Charlie. It is stressful even if you don’t intend on it being a big bash, there is so much to think about that’s why I really like the idea of someone taking the pressure off me.

Party Bags & Supplies cater for every single taste going. They have the latest character party theme, decorations, pre filled party bags and so much more.

I was kindly sent a Ben & Holly party pack to review, I chose this pack as both Charlie and Amelie love it.

What’s included:-

  • 8 themed paper plates
  • 8 themed napkins
  • 8 themed paper cups
  • A themed table cover (138cm x 183cm)
  • 8 pre filled party bags

The party pack arrived extremely securely and I was impressed that the party bags were in their own separate package.

All party pieces are of excellent quality, the table cover is extremely durable and not paper thin like some covers I have bought in the past. It would certainly wear well with little ones spilling drinks and generally making a mess during a party.

Being a scatterbrain mummy now I totally leave things until the last minute, I used to be super organised but with having two small kiddies things get side lined and I end up forgetting to do things. When I was planning Amelie’s birthday party I had about 5 lists, I made all the party cones myself which took hours as I wanted everything to be perfect. That’s why I love this company as the party bags are all done for you so you do not have to think about it and it is one thing ticked off your list. Plus you don’t even have to visit a shop, dragging the kiddies around a supermarket is my idea of hell, I was happy to sit on my sofa with a cuppa ordering my supplies.

What’s included:-

  • A note pad
  • A rainbow pencil – this went down very well with my children as they love drawing and what could be better than a rainbow pencil
  • A bracelet
  • A wand
  • A packet of sweets
  • A tattoo

All contents of the party bag have been tried and tested by a 5 year old and a 2 year old. The tattoo is fantastic, I had reservations of it being on the cheap side like the ones you get in the newsagents with a free bubblegum. However, this was of very good quality and went on without tearing or smudging, it looked really vibrant and lasted ages. It was very easy to put on in fact Amelie did hers and Charlie’s. Taking it off was just as easy, I damped a cloth and gently rubbed the tattoo off, no red marks or irritations.

There are so many party packs to choose from all with different party bag fillers, they are very age appropriate. I am going to save this party pack for Charlie’s 3rd birthday next month, he will be so excited to have a party and I will be happy as it is all taken care of for me.

Party Bags & Supplies don’t just cater for birthday parties they also have packs for Christmas, Halloween, Christening, New Year, Anniversaries, Summer parties and so many more, I just love the party ware for Easter.


Disclaimer: I was sent a party pack to review, all words and opinions are my own.

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