Playmobil – Spirit Riding Free New Range Review

We have just returned home from one of the most exciting weekends ever. We attended the big launch of Playmobil’s Spirit Riding Free Range and what a magical time we had, staying at Loose Reins, an authentic luxury glamping ranch in the stunning Dorset countryside. I have so much to tell you but know what it’s like when bloggers ramble on for days, so I’m going to split our weekend up into two separate blog posts. I don’t want to miss anything out especially our stay at Loose Reins – I’ve been inundated with lovely comments and questions about our accommodation.


I’m sure every parent and their dog is familiar with Playmobil, their toys are such a favourite in our house. We have quite a lot of Playmobil sets that are used daily by both of my children. What I love about Playmobil is the attention to detail, everything has been well thought out, not just for parents putting together houses and characters but also little details that only children would be familiar with. This brand is such a family orientated company capturing the imagination of little ones, big ones and adults. I really enjoy setting up the characters within the sets, they are great for role play and really spark the imagination of children – you can create whatever fantasy land you desire with Playmobil.

Spirit Riding Free

We were extremely lucky enough to be able to review the entire New Spirit Riding Free collection which includes 7 new sets. This range is based on the fantastic DreamWorks series, Spirit Riding Free, about a young girl called Lucky, she moved to a small Western Town with her Father. Lucky befriends a strong and wild stallion who she names Spirit. The pair embark on lots of daring adventures and hold a lifetime bond as best friends.

As always Playmobil didn’t disappoint, the new range of Spirit Riding Free is outstanding. What I love about these toys is the sets link together creating a huge ranch for your children to play with. All of the characters are present, plus there are new and exciting scenes to create such as a school, more stables and the huge hay loft. I asked Amelie and Charlie what they thought of the new range and they said the Barn was their favourite piece. They couldn’t wait to set it up, they needed some assistance from Mr K and myself but Amelie was putting together the doors and windows. Charlie is the master of putting the stickers onto the stables and walls. I love how bright and vivid the colours are, you can mix and match accessories. From Stables, classrooms, stand alone characters and the big Barn this new collection provides hours of play.

There’s a huge array of accessories which come with each set, grooming brushes, hay bales, animals, cute little carrots, apples, wagons and Charlie’s favourite – the horse poop (boys!!). All of the new sets are extremely durable, my children have a tendency to snatch and play quite roughly (especially Charlie) with toys, they get really possessive. So I’m pleased that Playmobil standards haven’t slipped and all of the toys are made for little – rough – hands.

Amelie and Charlie have turned our living room into one big Spirit Riding Free set, I’ve stepped on a few individual pieces and winced. Finding a home for all of the accessories has not been as challenging as I thought, I keep them in zip lock food bags so they are accessible for the children to grab. We are going abroad next week and I will certainly be packing a fair few bags of Playmobil, Amelie is super keen to take Lucky and Spirit on lots of adventures in the Spanish sunshine.

The new range is not just for Spirit fans, they are great to add to any existing Playmobil collection, Charlie has used Spirit and the other horses as Police horses to catch bad guys. And Amelie has added the animals from the stables to her Vet’s Surgery collection. The great thing about Playmobil is the story is never-ending.

If you would like to see our time at Loose Reins and the Playmobil Event head on over to my Instagram page, click on the “Trips” button within my highlights and you can see what we got up to.


Disclaimer – We were very kindly gifted the entire new collection of Spirit Riding Free and gifted a weekend away to attend the launch. All photos, words and opinions are my own.

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