Preventing Head Lice with Hedrin

There isn’t a term that goes by when I don’t receive the dreaded ‘There has been a case of head lice doing the rounds, please check your child’s head for lice and treat accordingly’. I bet we are all familiar with that one and say the same thing – ‘Seriously!!’

I’m quite lucky that Amelie has only had head lice once *touch wood* when she was at preschool. I must admit I was mortified and kept her off school for the day whilst I used the stinky nit lotion that was available. Even typing this post makes my head itch and the thought of creepy crawlies running through my child’s hair makes me uneasy.

I do take some preventative measures to ensure I’m doing everything I can to avoid Amelie having head lice. Her hair is waist length so I always make sure it is tied up at school and we have been using Hedrin Protect & Go which is an easy spray applied to Amelie’s hair after washing to help protect her. I must admit the smell is absolutely delicious, I know it is wrong but the smell really reminds me of a cocktail I used to drink back in the day. This particular spray contains a compound called octanediol which disturbs the life cycle of head lice preventing them to spread. It leaves Amelie’s hair clean, fresh and lice free.

Hedrin have many other lotions and potions to suit any head lice need from Stubborn Egg Loosening Lotion to Hedrin Once which kills lice and eggs with just one 15 minute application. I always keep a mini stock of head lice treatments in the cupboard as you never know when you may need them.

When you check your child’s hair for lice just make sure it is head lice and not some random fly or insect that has decided to take up residence in your little one’s hair. Head lice are really small insects (3mm) so can be quite tricky to locate, head lice eggs are tiny yellow, white or brown and attached to the hair. It is important to treat lice as soon as you find them and also make sure you check everyone’s head in the house, even short hair.

I remember my mum slathering my hair with conditioner when I was little and going through it with a nit comb, I’m so thankful we have treatments like Hedrin now as I cannot imagine my children sitting down for over an hour whilst I rake through their hair. Using Hedrin is quick and fuss free and doesn’t leave that awful chemical smell that you associate treating head lice with, plus it is really affordable so it is a win for busy mums.


Disclaimer: I was asked to review Hedrin, all words and opinions are my own.

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