Protecting Children’s Eyes With Cébé Junior Collection Sunglasses

When it comes to protecting children during the summer months we go crazy slathering on the factor 50+ but often forget about protecting our children’s delicate eyes. From an early age both of my kiddies wore sunglasses, not the novelty ones as they have no protection whatsoever.

Cébé are a superb brand with a fantastic range of sunglasses for babies and children. They protect from UVA/UVB rays and also harmful blue light. We were asked if we wanted to try out a couple of pairs of sunglasses from the new Cébé Junior Collection range, Amelie received the very trendy Matt Black Pink 1500 Grey PC Blue Light Pink Flash Mirror sunglasses. Apparently this particular design was inspired by the sunrise and the first thing Amelie said to me when wearing them was it was like looking at the sun waking up. These glasses are so pretty I want them for myself but sadly they don’t do my size, they are aimed at girls aged 5 – 7 years old.

Charlie received the super cool Cébé Cricket Matt Blue Dark Blue 1500 Grey PC Blue Light sunglasses (for ages 3 – 5 years). What’s great about both pairs of sunglasses is they have an anti-scratch coating, come with a handy strap which Charlie has used on his glasses to keep them secure. Even without the strap Charlie’s sunglasses haven’t fallen off of his head – a real issue I’ve had with previous sunglasses I’ve bought – they have stayed put. Plus they can be stored in the bright orange zip case to keep them from getting lost, the durable case is a brilliant idea as I can’t be faffing with the slippy bags with strings you get.

So what did we think?

Well, both pairs of sunglasses have been worn to death, they are such a good fit for both children and I’ve not had any complaints about the arms digging into the side of their heads. They are so robust and have been thrown around a fair bit (you know what children are like!) but are still in tact. The glasses are surprisingly light in weight and on the Cébé website there are so many different designs to choose from, making them a great gift idea as well.

I do think it is so important to protect young children’s eyes especially with the bright sunshine we have been lucky enough to enjoy. But these harmful rays aren’t just during summer, I make sure I wear sunglasses even in the winter as there are some bright crisp days that we like to go outside for a walk but sometimes it is just so bright to see. I will certainly be making these sunglasses an essential for my handbag, both children absolutely love them and want to wear them whenever we are out.


Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted the Cébé sunglasses in exchange for an honest review.

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