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Rainbow Picnic Plates With Organix

So the summer holidays are well and truly in full swing, my cupboards have been raided, restocked and raided again. The children seem to be starving all day every day so I want to give them a healthy option as opposed to too many treats. They usually have a sandwich, fruit, yogurt and crisps for lunch so I wanted to mix things up and have a bit of fun.

My children love helping me in the kitchen so we took to the chopping board to create a colourful rainbow picnic plate. There were some foods on this plate that both Amelie and Charlie aren’t that keen on but I thought if they help prepare them they would be more inclined to try them again.

I set out a blanket on the floor, added some extra bits to the picnic such as houmous, Organix Goodies mini cheese crackers, cocktail sausages and some fruit kebabs that we made out of strawberries and satsumas.

I was so impressed with our efforts and what’s more is that Amelie and Charlie tried raw carrots (which they were not a fan of) and peppers. We all sat and chatted about what foods we were eating, the children ate so much and didn’t ask for a snack all afternoon which is unheard of in our house.

Organix have so many useful tips and advice on their website about no junk travel foods, it is extremely informative and a useful tool to refer back to. You can also find hundreds of recipes that the whole family will enjoy. We will be trying out the Rainbow Muffins over the summer as well as lots of scrumptious meals and snacks they have on their recipe page. This will become my new accessory to the kitchen when I am struggling for ideas at meal times.



This is a collaborative post with Organix, all words and opinions are my own.

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