Siblings by Linda Blair – Book Review

Siblings by Linda Blair is a fantastic bible for any parent who has (or is thinking of having) more than one child. The book is based upon scientific  research and written by a clinical psychologist.

Linda’s approach to the often difficult and draining problems that arise with raising siblings is positive and rational. She doesn’t portray sibling rivalry as a rare occurance she is honest and states it is a fact of life – siblings will argue/fight/become jealous.

There is an array of information in this book from birth to adulthood – something I had not really thought about – it helps parents to understand and gives activities to try and resolve issues. I found it really useful as it explained matters in such a way that made me feel my parenting skills are totally normal. As I have a boy and a girl who are just over 2 years apart they bicker constantly and some (most) days I am at my witts end not knowing how to resolve the arguments fairly without me losing my sh*t.

I found the “Dealing with disagreements” chapter extremely useful and I will be putting into practice the activity teaching your child to cool down when they are feeling angry. I think this will be of benefit for Amelie as she gets so cross and frustrated sometimes it is hard to know what is wrong and how to calm her down. Hopefully this will rub off on Charlie as he copies her behaviour.

One of the really nice things this book teaches is for siblings to build good relationships. This is really refreshing for parents as it has a positive approach and gets you thinking. I know that I want Amelie and Charlie to look after each other when they are growing up and through their adult years, it gives me peace of mind to know they have one another.

The book covers lots of helpful topics such as:-

  • A sibling with special needs
  • A note on single children
  • When a sibling dies
  • Divorce and separation
  • Adoption
  • Multiple births
  • School Life
  • Putting a stop to bullying

It really is a good read and something to refer back to as your children grow. I have learned a lot from this book and it has also curbed some worries for me.



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